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    I don't really see the problem with Armored Adventures coming to a close. I think it's an OK show but I also feel it has run its course. I was never fond of the teenaged Tony in high school premise, but I think they got the most out of it that they could as well as mixing in elements like Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom, other Marvel characters like Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, MODOK, etc.

    I honestly would like to see a new animated take on Iron Man. I thought the anime series was decent, but I'd also rather see something from the new studio featuring a more modern, contemporary Tony that is more in line both with the recent comics and movies.

    New animated take on X-Men is a good idea since the Wolverine And The X-Men chapter is long over. Time to move on. As much as I'd like to see more of what we got with the Sony/Madhouse anime, I'm not hedging my bets on that.
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    Great interview.
    I can understand if Jeph Loeb doesn't want to reveal too much right now. He probably wants to wait until the next comic book convention (SDCC) before offering something more. I do hope we get one more season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes however.

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