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    The Super Hero Squad Show "From the Atom ... It Rises!" Talkback (Spoilers)

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    Forget breakfast. A healthy morning starts with the Super Hero Squad.

    The Super Hero Squad Show
    Episode #8 - From the Atom ... It Rises!
    Original Airdate - October 20, 2009

    A mysterious new villain, Scorpio, outwits the Squad and allies himself with Doom. Soon enough, Scorpio is leading the villains in a quest to steal Stark's most powerful tech. But neither heroes nor villains know that Scorpio is really Nick Fury, the enigmatic leader of SHIELD.

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    Today's Hulk transformation: Vision Hulk!

    Reptil appears again, as does Ms. Marvel. Whether the latter's a good thing or not depends on how you feel about her portrayal on SHS. Here, she was nagging Iron Man like they were married or something.

    Scorpio/Nick Fury was pulling a Red X (Teen Titans reference) for the first half of the episode: pwning the heroes at every turn with them having no idea who he was or how to stop him.

    Perhaps because of Fury's guest appearance, this episode didn't seem as zany as the past episodes have been, which is not to say that there weren't any laughs. It was funny to see Iron Man being a fanboy for Nick Fury ("Would you sign my armor?"). The running gag about Mole Man's killer farts I could have done without, but I have to keep in mind who this show is aimed at.
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    Great episode
    Nick Fury was great, and Mole Man farts at the end was funny XD
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