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    X-Men: TAS "Mojovision" Talkback (Spoilers)

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    Continuing the X-Men: The Animated Series Talkbacks!

    Episode #24 - Mojovision
    Original Airdate - February 5th, 1994

    An alien, Mojo, kidnaps and casts the X-Men as his latest all galaxy television hit. He uses his psychic powers to pit them against one another on a far distant planet. But when the superstar of Mojoworld, Longshot, betrays the television tycoon and frees the X-Men, they must trust that the luck of Longshot can get them home safely.


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    This episode airs today, so I thought a timely bump was in order. I don't care for this episode in the slightest, and Mojo was more than annoying. I could've done without the nose hair part too...

    Anyone remember this one?
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    It could've been a better episode if the x-men had fought Mojo and spiral directly rather than just being put into those different skits.

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    This episode was a pretty big attempt at something "different." They tried to make a funny one for a change.

    Didn't work.

    I blame the animation as the main culprit....all the lumpy, overdetailed drawings killed any sort of timing this episode could have had. This wasn't as much of a problem in the serious X-Men stories, but here it was a big liability.
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