Posting here on behalf of Sean. Check out his comic if you have some time.


It's been a while since I have been engaged with the Toonzone community, and even then my interaction has been minimal. I feel it is getting close to high time that I ought to change that. To start, I'm the creator and illustrator of the Fantasia Arks universe, and the website carrying my Online Graphic Novel The Phasmatis Crisis is hosted by ToonZone under the Cartoons, Dammit! label.

I am looking for volunteers who are very experienced with building Wordpress themes, CSS, and PHP, to help with redesigning my website. The goal is to make the Fantasia Arks website into a more visually pleasing and blog-friendly format that will be much easier to work with, more enjoyable for the audience to read and follow my work on, and of course, one that can be expandable to encompass other upcoming work I have coming for the Fantasia Arks universe in the wake of The Phasmatis Crisis.

If you are interested in helping and you feel that you are able to volunteer for this, either post a reply in this thread or send me a Private Message.

Thank you for coming to ToonZone!

Sean Danielson/NK