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    The Naming Challenge - Project "Fenris"

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    Well, I'm in a bit of a bind. I have a very attractive character lined up to appear in The Phasmatis Crisis somewhere by Book 4 or 5, and I need help naming her. Post your name suggestions here. Please, suggest at least 2 to 5 names per poster - consider it a challenge: Choose a name that suits her appearance and personality the best by brainstorming and choosing your best ones and posting them here.

    She is what is called a Ridoan, a lupine species from an unnamed Realm. The females of her species are often taken for slaves in many Realms, and her case is not much different - except for the fact that she has been set free by her former master. She keeps the collar and leash as a memento from that time, and often uses it to taunt others that desire to enslave her.

    She frequently challenges those people that she despises to grab her leash if they believe they are "man enough" to handle this much wolf. However, this has never happened, due to her highly acrobatic nature and strength. She relishes making it into a game, due to her canine nature.

    Presently, she wanders the Realm of Sol, looking for fun things to do after leaving behind her past. She is rarely seen without her Arcana Gun, which she uses with her acrobatic prowess to gain an advantage against her opponents.

    Forgive the image size, though. I wanted to show off the nice amount of detail I put into this. Start thinking of names for her and posting them here, I will choose the top 10 best names out of all the submissions for polling on the main website. The audience, the reader - you -, will be the ones to make the final decision!

    Name Suggestions submitted via IM or E-mail (Mostly Anonymous)
    Ze'eva = Hebrew for "Female Wolf"
    Rudeen = Evolved from "Rudi", a Germanic female name for "Famous Wolf"
    Louve = Old English: "Female Wolf", three names submitted by DeviFoxx via IM
    Acantha = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acantha, name submitted by an anonymous friend.
    Aetna = Name of daughter of Uranus and Gaia, goddess of Mt. Etna. Greek origin.
    Cyrene = Greek name for a lapith maiden that roamed the mountains as a huntress.
    Ksenia - Wanderer
    Auryon - Hunter
    - Shortened version of "Lysandra"
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    In the Realm of Arkeda, a search for humanity begins.
    Fantasia Arks: The Phasmatis Crisis
    A SciFi-Fantasy Graphic Novel by Sean Danielson/NK
    Project currently on hiatus, pending script rewrite.

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    Normally I'm not very good at naming characters, but there are some techniques I've been trying out that have worked pretty well. Use associating words to lead you to an interesting name that will work.

    She's a wolf-type creature. Wolves are hunters. Hunters chase their prey. She could be named Chase.

    She was a slave. Jim was a slave in Huck Finn. The feminine form of Jim is Jamie.

    She's from an unknown part of space. The unknown is a mystery. Mystery or Mist or Tery/Teri.

    She keeps the collar and leash as a memento. The director of Memento was David Lynch.

    I know, kind of weird, but that's how I name my characters these days.

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    zombie penguin Guest
    Wow... interesting character Sean. I don't have any suggestions yet, but I'll think about it. I'll warn you now, though, that I'm no great shakes with names but for you I'll try.

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    Thumbs up Yo Names...

    Nice Lady...

    Bemia - means battle maid
    Aithne - Fire
    Deva - Divine one
    Kaedence - To march

    Can I use the design of that torso for my art work it looks really awesome?

    Wait This thread is really old, I guess those names dont mean anything then, but hey Seriously can I use That torso please?
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