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MLP: FiM Season 2: The Tier So Far.

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by , 04-01-2012 at 07:58 AM (1103 Views)
I've been seeing people making these so I decided to give my thoughts. I'll just explain the extremes. Vaguely in order of most to least loved.

S Tier
Sweet and Elite - I just love this episode. Everything from the over-the-top rich ponies to the awesome party scene is so enjoyable to me. So much Rarity! I also love the she is just lucky the whole episode. She gets caught ditching Twilight and luck out when the gang believes her story. She's nothing but selfish until the end and gets away with it! Awesome.
Sisterhooves Social - I'm a Rarity fan, so sue me. Honestly I really felt for this episode because I have a little sister and I completely understood Rarity's problem.
The Last Roundup - I'll be honest. When Derpy spoke I was ready to proclaim this the best episode ever. BUT, it turned out to actually be on of my favorite episodes. I'm kind of a dummy so I didn't guess how the ep would turn out. When we learn what happened to AJ I felt for her. And the journey was fun.

A Tier
Hearth's Warming Eve
Lesson Zero
Read It And Weep (My favorite RD episode)
May The Best Pet Win
Putting Your Hoof Down (Favorite Fluttershy episode)

B Tier
Luna Eclipsed
Return of Harmony 1, then 2

Dragon Quest (I liked it!)
Family Appreciation Day
Hearts and Hooves Day
Secret of My Excess

Ponyville Confidential

C Tier

Friend in Deed
It's About Time
Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Baby Cakes
The Cutie Pox

Bad Tier

Mysterious Mare Do Well - Or 'Rainbow is Obnoxious For a Half Hour.' I just thought it was silly that Rainbow was suddenly a town hero and seeing her so full of herself wasn't that fun for me. However Mare Do Well was really cool.

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  1. Bakertoons's Avatar
    Hurray! Someone actually likes Dragon Quest! THANK YOU!

    Not that big on "Sweet and Elite", but otherwise a good list.
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