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    I try, but selling them only gets you peanuts. I save them until I have enough to meet the minimum quota and sell them in bulk, usually.
    Not it will most likely do any good, but I encourage any interested parties to sign this petition.
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    I just remembered I even sold my DVD player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm Eagle View Post
    Then under what circumstances do you buy anything on Blu-ray? Also, do you use your Blu-ray player mainly for streaming services?
    During the odd occasion where it's cheaper than DVD, mostly online - I got Ghost in the Shell: SAC: Solid State Society and the Gundam 00 movie because of that. Other than that, mostly as presents for others.

    As for my blu-ray player, I use it mostly to play DVDs.
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    I haven't switched to Blu-ray yet, but I wouldn't replace them unless if the DVD breaks or stops working or something. I would always replace broken VHS tapes with DVDs in the past.
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