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    This was pretty good for what it was, and now that the inevitable news of a sequel has come out, I'm happy.

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    In a way, I think I enjoyed the painful build up the most. I hope that doesn't make me a masochist. Less truly is more and this is a film that exemplifies that. I was almost surprised that the enemy foes were shown so early in the film, too. It felt very sudden, but not entirely effectively so. To be honest, I'd have loved a longer wait.

    The final battle is darned near impossible to discern, but our hero's use of his atomic breath was glorious. I kept waiting and waiting for it to happen and then it finally did. Ed Liu was right--the second that tail began to light up I knew...it was coming. The firing of the blast down the second foe's mouth was a great moment.

    I do feel the movie tried too hard to downplay Japan, however. The Japanese production staff names in the opening credits seemed to rush by, while the American names got more focus. I don't think "Godzilla is created by Toho blah, blah, blah" had even two seconds on the screen before switching to an American name. The story also does its best to make Godzilla an American hero, rather than a Japanese hero. Given our status as the best nation on this Planet Earth, surely we are above such assimilating propaganda?

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