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    I didn't like it much to be honest. The dialogue especially irritated me. Not every single line needs to be a quip, for God's sake! I know it's a Whedon show, but still!

    I don't know, the characters all feel like stereotypes. I feel like I've seen this show before. Especially the end scene with Coulson and the hacker girl. So cheesy. The standoff between Coulson and Peterson was about the only scene I liked honestly.

    The constant references to The Avengers and the MCU are interesting, but they also set me up for disappointment a little, because it's like, well, let's talk about some more interesting characters that you're never going to get to see in this show, lol.

    I'll give it a few more weeks of course, it's not really fair to judge a show solely on its pilot. Please get better!

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    Well that was really underwhelming. The pilot just felt really boring throughout. It is nice to have Coulson back though and Maria Hill showing up was fun even though I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing her again. I'm gonna stick around for a few more episodes to see if this wins me over, because TV shows are rarely at their best at the beginning anyway.

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    The pilot was OK. It didn't rock my socks, but it was better than I thought it would be. Seeing Phil Coulson alive and well was cool, and the appearance by Maria Hill was a surprise, although we likely won't be seeing her ever again. The other agents were all right, but there was nothing really stand out about any of them, except for the hacker girl, who came of as somewhat Mary Sue-ish, but that may change. I'll give this show another couple of weeks to grow on me, but I don't know how long it's going to hold my interest knowing that no Marvel super heroes are going to be showing up at any point.
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    Well I really enjoyed it I liked the whole mystery with Phil Coulson still alive and not only that the rest of the characters good as well so I'm all in
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    I actually enjoyed this episode, even though I sort of wished that they explained more about the characters' background stories. I really enjoyed the dialogues from each character and hopefully, we will start to see the characters flesh out more in later episodes of this show and see the threat of Rising Tide come up.

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    Well, this is way better than NCIS. Whedon's sense of strong character types shone here. You can tell what all these people are going to be like already.

    I like that the Lutece Twins are in it, in a sense.
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    Heads up to those who missed it or want to see it again: ABC is reairing the pilot tonight, again at 8/7 PM.

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    Geez, all these comment of about "I'll give it a few more episodes before dropping it" and "Eh, it was boring/underwhelming".

    It was the Marvel Universe on TV, and for me that's like a kid in Candy Land. I have to admit, I was more impressed with the pilot episode of "The Blacklist" on NBC, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this, and I did NOT find it boring/underwhelming...too many quips? Eh, it's Joss Whedon, it comes with the territory, and I enjoyed most of the quips.

    I did NOT expect Extremis to show up in the pilot episode. After months of seeing the trailer for this TV show, I fully expected Peterson to be an underground hero, and the woman he rescued from the burning building to be an ordinary rescued citizen. That was a GREAT twist on both accounts. So I was really pleased by the direction that went (and I really like the idea of Black Market superpower material - which Extremis works well with).

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    Can someone give me the dirt on Coulson's return? I couldn't watch seeing as how I'm out of the country.
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    Not sure if I'm going to do this for every episode but 'stuff worth mentioning'

    Michael's son looks at Avengers toys.

    Speaking of the Avengers movie, everyone but Hawkeye got referenced in dialogue in the episode.
    Bernie would have been a good Stan Lee cameo, imo.

    Agent Ward's mission implies S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn't confiscated all of the Chitarui tech and some people are getting their hands on it like in the Marvel One-Shot short Item 47.

    They did showcase some actual locations in Los Angeles like
    • Marengo Street where the Centipede lab exploded
    • Cattaraugus Ave where Skye is sitting at a the bus stop and spots Michael Peterson
    • Union Station

    The seemingly nameless agent who is given the Chitarui neural link thing is named Kirk Skadden and his DOB is August 30, 1962.

    This one was a "Don't blink" easter egg. At the Cattaragugus bus stop, the green bus has a Stark Industries advertisement on its side.

    Maria Hill refers to Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, the Chiaturi and the Battle of New York.

    After the bus stop scene, Ward mentions Director Fury and his ploy to unite the Avengers.

    Coulson refers to Loki as the 'Asgardian Mussolini'

    The scene at Maria Hill's field office where they enter the command room shows off a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. I.D.'s, some we've seen before for online press releases in the lead up to the premiere:
    Coulson, Phil
    Birthday: July 8, 1964
    Badge Number: SKJ 08U7342
    Issue Date/expiration Date: April 25, 2011 / April 25, 2015

    Ward, Grant
    Birthday: January 7, 1983
    Badge Number: A 0849329
    Issue Date/Expiration Date: September 9, 2013 / September 9, 2015

    Hill, Maria
    Birthday: April 4, 1982
    Badge Number: A 946430
    Issue Date/Expiration Date: February 25, 2010 / February 25, 2016

    Interestingly enough, on Phil's birthday, "The Avengers" #6 and "Tales of Suspense" #55 came out. Avengers featured the debut of the Masters of Evil and Tales had a fight between Iron Man and the Mandarin.

    When the Rising Tide viral footage is shown, a scene from the last part of the Hulk movie is seen.

    Coulson refers to Romanoff (aka Black Widow) when reading off Hill's assessment of Ward

    Michael is confused and asks if he should wear a shield, a play on Captain America.

    Skye's line to Michael at the counter is a plays on the famous "With great responsibility" line from the Spider Man comics.

    Michael's California Driver's License reads as
    DL 95D85045
    Exp 08/28/2015
    LN Peterson
    FN Michael
    1141 Abali Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90404
    DOB 08/28/1979
    Class C
    Sex Male
    Hair Blk
    Eyes Brn
    Hgt 6'-03''
    Wgt 180
    DD 08/22/2008 2542400116

    In Agent May's first scene, she's in the middle of collating a Level 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. report. It's a technical memorandum on the formation of central uplift in meteoric craters, with diagram.

    Agent Simmons coins the title of the comic "Journey into Mystery" (also on a billboard in Thor) after she swabs Ward.

    Coulson reveals the Bus was the norm in the 1990's before S.H.I.E.L.D. got its Helicarrier.

    In Skye's van, there's a LA Daily Edge article titled "Mysterious Power Outages Traced to Valley Village Woman." The LA Daily Edge does actually exist for real. Who the lady is...dunno. Other articles read "Flying man found dead" and "Hero Kid Saves Family"

    Skye reveals she knows about S.H.I.E.L.D. covering up the destruction of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and New Mexico, the place that got destroyed at the beginning of The Avengers.

    Notice to Vacate mentions a Sheriff Bart Allenby. Bart Allen reference?

    Skye refers to Ward as a T-1000, nod to the Terminator franchise

    Stark Tower is mentioned during the interrogation. Skye apparently cosplayed outside it just once.

    Lola's license plate number is 681 PCE while Skye's van's is I54E965.

    Fitz and Simmons' flying drones are named after the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White

    If you look closely at the screen when Skye talks to Coulson after she chats with Ward, it appears the formal name of the plane is "S.H.I.E.L.D. Mobile Ops A-201" It appears on seemingly every screen on the Bus.

    The Centipede has a serum similar to Dr. Erskine's Super Soldier Formula used for Captain America. This is a likely nod to what was used on Blonksy. Also included - Gamma radiation to Bruce Banner, Chitauri tech from Avengers, and Extremis from Iron Man 3. Coulson notes Extremis is "new," implying the episode takes place shortly after Iron Man 3.

    When Skye starts erasing Michael's records, the following are on the screen:
    Department of Motor Vehicles Records Results
    Federal Legal System Archive Results
    State Archives Results
    Employment History
    Education Records
    Online Resources
    Name Results
    Utilities Archive
    Credit Records
    Image Recognition Search Run

    Skye refers to Facebook in jest when deleting Michael's history

    The coordinates Skye sends to the Bus near the end of the episode (+34.056438º, -118.236757º) are real world accurate.

    Michael has his stand off with Coulson in front of Richard Wyatt and May Sun's "City of Dreams, River of History" (1995) mural in the East Portal to the Union Station Metro.

    Lola is revealed to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Car like in the comics. Howard Stark demonstrated the likely prototype at the World's Fair in Captain America: The First Avenger.

    Also, something intriguing was when Maria Hill used the term "unregistered gifted." Foreshadowing things to come? Registration didn't work out too well in the comics...

    Quote Originally Posted by defunctzombie View Post
    Can someone give me the dirt on Coulson's return? I couldn't watch seeing as how I'm out of the country.
    The story as Coulson believes it was he was only dead for 8 seconds but the med team saved him and Fury sent him to Tahiti to recover and used his 'death' to motivate the Avengers. Hill and the doctor who cleared him know the truth, which is unrevealed. They just note, Coulson can never know the truth.
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