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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedChild
    I'm really not seeing the overbearing Jesus allegories that you're seeing.
    To quote critic Wesely Morris:
    Instructed by his birth father to go to Earth and be man's savior, Clark floats from a spaceship — in a high-tech version of his Superman costume — with his legs together and arms wide open, as if he were on a crucifix. As a younger man in doubt, Clark visits a priest, and the camera frames him with a pane of stained glass depicting a New Testament scene in the background. As Superman, in U.S. government custody, he states his age as a perfectly messianic 33 years. Christliness has always been an element of the Superman myth. But this film's near literal insistence upon it becomes absurd since director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer don't dramatize the analogy, they presume it.
    The thing is Im not trying to convince you that it was a bad movie. I have a similar mind set to yours when it comes to watching movies but remember that originally you came out firing , asking what was with all the complaints etc. I would say not to take the criticism of the movie so personal, most here arent just giving the customary fan boy complaints. There are a ton of legit points of contention with the movie. To answer you question the prevailing opinion is that this movie franchise would benefit greatly if it changed hands. Synder is a limited film maker.
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    I was all for Superman's killing of Zod. In fact, I was very impressed and pretty thrilled that they went there. For me, it's way more interesting that Superman went there. He isn't a supreme, perfect God that handles every situation just as we would want him to. I'm glad they put him in a "Sophie's Choice" sort of situation, and I like the choice he made. Dramatically, it's way more interesting to me that he did something terrible and regrettable. I'm glad it's an action he'll regret, because after reading interviews with Goyer & Snyder, it seems pretty clear that he'll grapple with this decision in the future and be a bit traumatized by it, likely being averse to killing anyone else ever again.

    I don't think Superman should be perfect right out of the gate, in his first bought with God-like fighters that he hasn't ever come close to encountering before (especially a seasoned "born to be a warrior" soldier like Zod). I'm glad Chris Nolan was overturned, and I'm disappointed he didn't embrace Superman's tough decision with Zod.

    Overall, beyond the satisfying resolution to the problem of General "not gonna ever stop killing humans" Zod, I really enjoyed the film. It had a fantastic pace and I was very pleased with the level of intensity and just how brutal the fight scenes were. I thought Goyer & Snyder balanced the action with pretty effective emotional scenes as well. Cavill played Superman extremely well, and visually he just looks like a believable Superman. I thought Michael Shannon did a great job as Zod. I really enjoyed that they wrote Lois Lane as an intelligent woman who very swiftly figures out who Superman is... I thought that was a very clever and rewarding place to bring the character as soon as they did in the film.

    I can see where everyone's coming from about the Zod death but I don't agree at all. This isn't a Superman that makes perfect decisions and I'm glad for that. Superman isn't omnipotent and it's puzzling to me why fans expect him to be... it's way more interesting that he can make a dramatic, awful decision that can be reflected and built upon in future films. I thought this was a very fitting start to an expanded DC cinematic universe and I'm really looking forward to more films!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tohya View Post
    To quote critic Wesely Morris:

    The thing is Im not trying to convince you that it was a bad movie. I have a similar mind set to yours when it comes to watching movies but remember that originally you came out firing , asking what was with all the complaints etc. I would say not to take the criticism of the movie so personal, most here arent just giving the customary fan boy complaints. There are a ton of legit points of contention with the movie. To answer you question the prevailing opinion is that this movie franchise would benefit greatly if it changed hands. Synder is a limited film maker.
    OK I guess I can see that, but I still don't think it was overbearing or distracting. It's superficial for sure, but hardly in your face about it. I doubt your average filmgoer would even notice. And I wasn't attacking the complaints in general, I just was specifically wondering about the "lack of joy and fun" line I kept hearing. I think I understand it a little better, but I still don't think it's really justified. I still find the underlying tone more hopeful than dour. As for Snyder, I'm gonna take the opposite view again and say that he really showed me a lot here I didn't think he was capable of. I would have agreed about him being limited before, but not after seeing this.

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    Ceralyn Guest

    Excellent Movie

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Guy View Post
    I thought the film was great, I don't get the low score on RT. Yeah, it wasn't perfect (I wasn't crazy about Lois here, and I guess the middle maybe drags), but everything else was great. I loved how they portrayed Krypton, Jor-El was hardcore, and the action scenes have set a new standard for comic book movie fight scenes. I loved it. Oh, and the final scene made me grin.

    I can see that there were flaws in the movie, but I REALLY enjoyed it. I can't understand the low score either. How does a boring, generic and unoriginal movie like Iron Man 3 get a 78 on RT while Man of Steel has a rotten score?

    Avengers was great simply because it was a successful live-action movie that managed to include a whole group of superheroes. But seriously, there was a HUGE alien invasion, and the whole movie is comic-relief. For me, that was a "watch it only once" type of movie.

    I loved Donner's Superman I and II. I also liked Superman Returns. But I'm glad Man of Steel was different. I wasn't hoping for another carbon copy of the earlier films and merely adding special effects and a good fight. Maybe that's why I wasn't disappointed like other fans.

    The biggest difference, however, between MOS and the older films is that this is not a story about Superman. If you can't get that, you won't be able to appreciate the film. This is a story about the Man of Steel - an alien, someone who simply does not fit in.

    The background story on child-Clark was excellent for demonstrating this. Finally, a realistic take on the actual hardships Clark must have faced! We see that, from a young age, Clark always has to hide, always has to conceal his abilities, and always has to hold back.

    He’s not Superman. He didn’t make some grand plan to become a superhero. Suddenly, he has to face Zod and his followers. They are trained soldiers (who were apparently bred for that specific purpose) while Clark is not only untrained but also lacking in experience. He’s unprepared for this fight. And don’t forget outnumbered.

    Seriously, he was completely outclassed. It certainly would have been more convenient if he could have simply lured all the evil super-powered Krytponians to an uninhabited area to fight.

    One of the biggest criticisms of the movie is that he killed Zod. I think that was actually one of the better scenes of the movie. Even if you don’t agree with his actions, the scene sticks in your mind. It doesn’t fit the mold we have of Superman. But remember, he’s not really Superman. Not yet, anyway. He has all the super powers, but that’s not really the same thing. He’s stepping up to stop Zod and the others because he’s the only one who can.

    The fight seemed dragged out to many, but I think the point was that there wouldn’t be any clear “win.” Was he going to be able to knock Zod out? Capture him? Contain him? Zod promised to annihilate the human race, and the fight itself was surely causing many deaths.

    The only unacceptable choice, I believe, was for him to not act. He was in a dangerous fight, under enormous pressure, and killed Zod. Killing is not Superman’s answer. However, I do find it perfectly believable for an amateur who’s in way over his head. He ended the fight.

    Superman doesn’t kill, however, so I don’t expect we’ll be seeing it again in the sequel. Still, I think it’s also important to establish something else. Superman is not Batman. While they both have a “no kill” rule, it’s not for the same reasons. Batman has a deep emotional complex; he doesn’t cross that line for himself. It’s what he believes separates him from the villains. As for Superman, he cherishes life and has faith in humanity. Their motivations make all the difference. Even before Bruce became Batman, he was Batman. But it’s different for Superman – he has to actually get there.

    I really enjoyed the movie. It seems like an excellent prequel to a Superman vs Lex Luthor movie.

    Man of Steel Pros
    • Finally a Lois Lane I can actually admire!
    • An actual character arc for Clark/Superman
    • Demonstrates that his greatest struggle is actually about finding his place
    • Kick-butt action
    • Awesome Krypton scene
    • Jor-El
    • No red underwear. Suit was amazing!
    • Flashback scenes with his Kent parents
    • Kryptonian lady was awesome
    • So epic!

    Man of Steel Cons
    • Some of the acts simply did not flow seamlessly – felt a bit choppy at some bits
    • While the connection with Lois worked, the romance with her seemed rather abrupt
    • So much damage during one-on-one fight with Zod. I can understand it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. It even distracted me from the actual fight sometimes.
    • The girl trapped under the rubble scene – something about that scene simply lacked.

    I have even more pros and cons but those were my major ones. Overall, I really liked the movie and will be going to watch it again.
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    The fights were good. The music was good. Lois and Perry being intelligent people were good. Somehow the rest of the movie just kind of...sucked.

    I think the biggest problem is that Clark was really inconsistent as a character. Playing the character as a loner and outcast did not sell. The moments when Clark was cutting through the nonsense were far better. The tornado flashback, the interrogation scene, the "Dude, I'm from Kansas" scene were all much more 'human'. The movie as a whole is as sterile and cold as Krypton from the Richard Donner film.

    The Zod character wasn't developed enough, either. The movie feels a little too straightforward because Zod essentially shows up and makes his demands on Earth out of nowhere. Of course, it's not like they can really do anything to stop him, but it feels a little too standard one-hour television drama-ish.

    The environmental-adaption thing was also pretty unnecessary. That should have been junked to spend more time on Zod. "Oh no, Clark doesn't have any powers on Zod's ship!" comes off as cheap drama. I think the movie should have tried to play up the themes of destiny a bit more. Zod revealing he was genetically engineered to save Krypton should have been a little more poetic. There should have been focus on making the irony of his bringing about his people's death forefront.

    Jonathan was a bit inconsistent. Costner doesn't really sell Kent's fear, which hurts the movie. The Clark/Jonathan dynamic is sluggish and would've been a more interesting a reflection on Clark if he had done a lot more "Screw you" and used his powers anyway.

    The death doesn't really bother me. Like much of the movie I would have built up to the scene by developing Clark's character to clearly justify the action a lot more. The reletively lifeless character throughout the movie suddenly begging Zod to not kill the family would've had a lot more impact if Clark hadn't been such a push-over most of the movie.

    I think the best comparison I can make is with Watchmen. That movie has a great, interesting storyline, but is marred by directing. I think Zack Snyder just isn't a good director. He's not an actor's director and doesn't seem to have much honesty in his films.

    Another thing that bothered me was those damned flashbacks to child Clark in a cape. That's the sort of fetish-ization that really bothers me about this genre.
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    Finally collected my thoughts on the flim.

    It was... okay.

    To me it looked like two films badly stitched together. I really enjoyed the first half. I loved the Kryptonian metal-tech, thought the rescuing-people-in-secret thing was well done, and liked the flashback way of telling the story of him growing up rather than having to re-do the bit we all know on the farm in a boring linear fashion.

    However, the second half - the action half went on for far too long. They could have cut at least half an hour of explosions and people being thrown around and it would have improved the movie no end. It was just like... And then they fight. And then they fight some more. And then things blow up. And then they fight. And then more things blow up. And then they fight on things that are blowing up. And then more things blow up. And then they fight some more...

    The whole second half of the film just seemed to blur into a single long pointless action scene. There were a few memorable moments - the dialogue between Zod and Superman before they fight, for example. But there was simply too much action for the sake of action and it became meaningless.

    So overall, I think the poor second half countered the good first half and - while not utterly ruining the film - certainly yanked the film down to mediocrity.

    I think it was a badly missed opportunity. If they'd been able to restrain themselves from going so far over the top with the constant action scenes, and had fewer such scenes but made them more meaningful, it could have been a great film. But as it was, the second half was all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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    So I finally saw it aaaannnnnnd.... I thought it was ok. It mostly felt too disjointed for me in terms of editing & story. It had a lot more plot holes than The Dark Knight Rises had which astounded me. I didn't like how Jor-El constantly kept saying "Kal, you have your own choice to make about your life & future", but then he would say "You are destined to lead them, you will be a god to them, they will stumble without you". So I kept thinking "Make up your mind movie, is he free to be his own man, or is he destined to be this messianic figure that will save humanity from....something Jor-El & the other Kryptonians caused in the first place?". I know that was the big point of the movie that the trailers emphasized, but we never saw that answered in this movie.
    Also, I didn't have problem the fact that Supes killed Zod, I have a problem with that we've never been shown that Superman cares deeply about life & how it should be protected. Pa Kent kept telling him to make his powers a secret all his life, which would make me assume that Clark would just be paranoid growing up. Then there's the destruction of Metropolis, where Superman obviously didn't show any concern for the people inside all the building he & Zod were smashing. So when Zod's about to kill a family, I'm supposed to believe that Clark's having this big Sophie's Choice moment? Either the movie should've built up Superman's love of life & his dedication to protecting & saving people or he should've went "He's gonna kill this family, I can just kill Zod & be done with this". The latter probably would've been even more controversial, but I thought that would have built up nicely in making Lex Luthor look more like a sympathetic figure in a future sequel.
    The action was nice, but started to get boring around when Supes & Zod had their final fight. Dialogue was WAY too simplistic for me, especially with all the scenes involving Clark, Jor-El, or Zod.
    Overall, I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. I just hope that "Man of Tomorrow" or whatever it's called is a better movie. Also that Superman will actually, y'know, act like Superman.

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    sea.dilemma Guest
    I was sorely disappointed. I WANTED to love it - I wanted to be hyped for Henry Cavill-led sequels and JL movies, but it just fell flat. Too much repetitious action (we get it - Supes and Zod went through buildings!), too little character development, and too many plot holes.

    I'd give it 3/10.

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    did anyone else wait after the credits to see if there was a after credits scene like marvel


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