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    In the off-chance I can't get the Guardians of the Galaxy talkback up by 12:01am tonight, it will be up no later than 6:00am (ET) tomorrow morning. Until then, feel free to keep the discussions rolling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reflection View Post
    And keep in mind "most of the negatives" doesn't mean much. At 93% on 57 Rotten Tomatoes reviews, that's only 4 negative reviews. One ends with saying a generally unknown actor is on his way to playing one of the all-time iconic characters.
    You also have to keep in mind that RT only has a two option rating system. There were a couple of critics who didn't particular think the movie was all that but still couldn't bring themselves to give it a "rotten"rating. Anyways it shouldn't matter. Any unfavorable reviews are basically gonna say the same thing, that its formulaic, cliched, by the numbers etc. Things we already figured after watching the trailers. It looks like at the end of the day Marvel still went with the safe play...which makes sense.
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    Saw it due to the early release this evening. Loved it, hilarious in parts, massive scope. Very good for someone who normally has no interest in Space set sci fi. Brilliant casting too, voices and actors. Dave Bautista is surprisingly brilliant as Drax.

    Stay for both end credits and for the Love of all things Holy, DO NOT READ THE SPOILERS ONLINE, it will only ruined it for. My audience erupted for the second one to the point where I didn't even hear what was said in the scene.
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    Just came back from a early screening also. I thought it was great. Considering I never heard guardians of the galaxy before last year thanks to a podcast I listen to. I thought it was great sci fi. Rocket stole the show for me.


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