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    Quote Originally Posted by HG Revolution

    Paying to see, especially in the first weekend, doesn't mean people "love" a movie. It is one of the most annoying things to me when people pay to see movies they KNOW are going to be bad and then complain about them afterward (the Transformers sequels being a prime example) but "don't have the time" to see movies that actually look good.
    There are people who like those films too. They see them and actually do enjoy them. By no means am I one, but some obviously do. I don't buy into the whole "A noteworthy budget, brand loyalty, and a star automatically get you big box office" theory, but I do agree that just because someone pays to see it doesn't mean they necessarily liked it. Anyway, let's see what records Avengers breaks next week.
    Not it will most likely do any good, but I encourage any interested parties to sign this petition.
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    One week before it the US box office The Avengers is already killing it and break records overseas at the box office:
    Iron Man:TAS fan group:!/group.php...06462196057553
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmxx116 View Post
    One week before it the US box office The Avengers is already killing it and break records overseas at the box office:
    I'm convinced only on my own free will to see this movie when the time comes, then - that, and Think Like A Man and Pirates! Band of Misfits this weekend... It'll give me something to do IMHO.

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