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    Special DVD/Blu-ray Packaging - Yay or Nay?

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    There seems to be plenty of special packaging for DVDs and Blu-rays whether it is discs placed in busts or elaborate statues. Steelbook casing has become very popular too. Do you like these special packages for your DVD and Blu-rays or do you just prefer a simple DVD or Blu-ray case and thats it? Are the special packaging more cumbersome than useful?
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    I prefer the more standard and small packaging I can get. This case, for example, would be lovely to see used more often.
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    As long as it's not a recycle case, I'm fine with it. Anything but a recycle case.

    I do like clear cases where the disc matches the inside artwork, though. Very pretty, even if you don't see it that often.
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    I have bought one DVD that had the Steelbooks casing. I liked it a lot because it is more durable than your standard case. Not a fan of the busts and what not. One exception was Time Life's The Real Ghostbusters complete collection because it was based on the Firehouse and thus, not a three dimensional or irregular.
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    You guys should read this thread

    But, it really would depend on the film/show and the package. Personally, packaging should just be part of the bells and whistles and not the main feature. Too many dvds in the past tried to shirk their duties of extras and stuff with excellent packaging. It often failed.

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    I like special cases when it's stuff like my Iron Man DVD that is shaped like Iron Man's helmet, my The Dark Knight DVD with Batman's mask looks kind of cheesy though...
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    Some of them look nice (like the Alien Quadrilogy in the Xenomorph head), but I'm not really into them for spacing/price reasons. I've only bought two releases in special packaging: TimeLife's Real Ghostbusters set in the firehouse box, and the Blade Runner collector's set in the briefcase. Both were just far too cool to pass up.

    And while the DVD's didn't come in it, I did buy a special Indiana Jones DVD case that looks like a suitcase with Indy's jacket, whip, and hat lying on top of it. They were sold empty at Blockbuster Video in 2008 to put the latest DVD editions inside. I bought it more for collectible reasons than to hold the DVDs.
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