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    Well now I've seen everything in Spoony's super ego...someone get me the mind bleach.

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    I guess I'll as per usual start with the negatives. Once again some jokes were either kind of unneeded running gags (the JO smacking Paw) or way too telegraphed (Film Brain just making Luke feel worse and the "oh he's going to be tortured" and cut to Snob being pampered) NC picking Linkara and Todd and Chick and not seeing that they've been legionzed or however you'd call it). And I think there are some things we didn't need to see truthfully (The Spoony Superego which I get the joke but it wasn't really that good as Venture Brothers did the whole Ego thing better without just trying to be disturbing. And we all know Linkara's going to have a big cool hero moment so no need to show that he's escaped being caught by Mechakara. We know that's going to happen anyway). Also though I get using parodies of movies, some of them can be on the nose. Like how the Snob plot ended in this one. Plus this cliffhanger of Mechakara tampering the ship felt the weakest of all the cliffhangers since well we don't know exactly what he did or how bad it really is since all the other tamperings have only gotten Lupa concerned.

    Still though there is a lot to like in this one. I felt besides the opening and ending joke the Snob lot was excellent. First off it was perfectly casted having him be the one to have The Executor try and get to the dark side. Since the idea of "him being so much better then the others" and having so much talent even if he's known just for writing smut for the most part, works well with how pretty much all of his fans (who don't like TGWTG) view him and how a lot of people in general consider him the only "good member" of TGWTG while a lot of naysayers are annoyed with everyone else reviews and jokes. Plus I really like the idea of The Executor trying to bring out Snob's desires of making his own movies and living in infamy instead of just continuing along the critic's side. And I also like the idea of the Critic being given the choice to live in the plot hole with what remains of Ma-Ti. Of course could be a trap and that could not be Ma-Ti whatsoever but that's part of the mystery and hey him being called out like that is the first time I honestly felt like the Critic had the right to be more in the spotlight in one of these annivsaries then in... every other one then the Brawl thinking about it.

    And though there were some lame jokes here there were some good ones as well. Geek and his droid arguing, Brad wondering if Jillian's appearence is suppose to signify him being in another movie, Todd despeartley still wanting Lupa to be with him, Todd thinking that being in a relationship is the same thing as being a legionzed servant, Sad Panda not liking Juno and then insulting Film Brain (the later was cliched but Julian actually made that joke work) the mocking of NC, Linkara and Angry Joe in Spoony's head (mostly for their reaction. Since I was really waiting for Mechakara to Insult Linkara in some form or another), Lupa saying JewWario would be the only one stupid enough to believe her, "that's a lot of furry porn" "that uh... must be Joe's" and a few other jokes here and there. Probably one of the weaker parts but there was defintley some good material and good continuing on of plot after the action piece from last time and nice to see a focus on some of the other villians instead of just on Terl and Zod.
    Man now I"m up to 7,000+ posts. Hard to believe it took me 8 something years to get that many. How long will it take me to get another thousand? Guess you're going to have to keep reading what I have to say to find out.... I hope you've been doing that anyway as I feed off the attention.

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    Thread closed. Time for a new one.
    Deadpool on the "genius" of Hollywood: Everything's turned into a movie these days. -- Old TV shows, board games, candy bars. And let me tell ya, I'm totally stoked for Butterfinger The Movie.


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