A lot of long-running shows which run over 6 seasons go through this, but what makes me keep watching HIMYM is the likeability of the main characters and the series sense of keeping plots and continuity coherent. Yes, they are dragging things to absurdity BUT I still find the show overall entertaining and fun. Not all the episodes are hits, but the show manages to be a bright spot on my Monday's. I also think this season saved itself by the following events: the birth of Marshall and Lily's child, the living situation switch-up, the reveal of when the series will possibly end, and finally killing the whole Ted/Robin ship (please showrunners DO NOT EVER bring this back in the final seasons). I like the set-up of the season finale, despite how predictable it was. I'd rather have this than the whole transitional stupidity the tree hugging rich girl from Season Six brought to Ted's development. In the end everything for the next two seasons is the build up to the mother, I'll just trust the writing staff is witty enough to make the journey interesting.