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    "Thunderbirds" Talkback (Spoilers)

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    Coming to the Rescue

    "Thunderbirds are go!" - Alan Tracy

    Release Date: July 30th, 2004
    Studio: Universal Pictures
    Director: Jonathan Frakes
    Starring: Brady Corbet, Ben Kingsley, Bill Paxton, Sophia Myles

    Plot Summary: When a villain called the Hood strands Jeff Tracy and four of his sons on a satelite station, it's up to the youngest son (Corbet), his two friends, and Lady Penelope to stop the bad guy and save the Thunderbirds.

    Visit the official movie site here


    The movie wasn't as bad as reviews have said, but it also can't be compared to the old t.v. show.

    Had the plot focused more on the entire family, and not just Alan and his two friends, more people might have been interested in seeing it. As it was, Paxton and four of sons sit 90 percent of the film off camera.

    I liked it, but I don't recommend it for anyone who didn't like Spy Kids or similar films.

    And please, no flaming the movie UNLESS you have seen it.

    EDIT: Curse it all, can a mod fix the poll, please? I accidentally posted before I could put it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias
    Curse it all, can a mod fix the poll, please? I accidentally posted before I could put it up.
    Got ya covered Tobias. Anyone check this out?
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    The underlying feeling this movie left me with is that another little piece of my childhood is now tarnished. Turning a movie with such great promise into a "kids save the world" story. They could've had the whole team invoved with the kids "saving the day" at the very end. Been done before with some success. But the adults are merely "in distress" and only the kids get any focus.

    I'm sad for what could've been done here with the talent involved. And the concept as well.

    I'm not discussing specific plot points since it doesn't seem as if many have seen this vet. But the Thunderbird vehicles were really killer in "real life". Great effects and they look exactly like you'd always thought they would.

    I gave it a 1.5/5.0

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    okay, first we get Khan Noonian Singh as the spy grandpa, now we get Mahatma Ghandi as a bond villain? next stop, Kim Possible villain! (although for what it's worth, take the arms from the sub, attach them to the red rocket one and tell me that doesn't look like a certain anime spaceship)
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    Anybody notice in the movie's ending song, there's a line that goes: Let's kick some a**! Isn't that a little strange for a kids movie? Even if it probabaly is PG.
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    That's strange why?

    There's minor language in the movie as well. No big deal, really.
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