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    Quote Originally Posted by SaneMan View Post
    And also a beautiful middle-finger to Hartman.
    I missed it, what was a reference to Hartman?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Beckett View Post
    In terms of the series overall plot of the series this episode feels like somewhat of a speed bump. Correct me if I'm wrong but there weren't any important book or stangate related scenes, I missed the sequence before the opening so I'm not sure but it felt mostly like an episode focused on Mabel with everyone else taking a backseat, there is one thing possibly important I spotted that I won't spoil though.
    Well you do have to remember that season 1 had many episodes that didn't advance the plot. Just because Stan started things moving doesn't mean we should expect the show to change up its formula. WE will get some plot episodes, but we can also expect to see plenty of episodic filler
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monte View Post
    I missed it, what was a reference to Hartman?
    There was a FOP episode very similar to this one.
    The episode's message basically came down to "it's OK to be a huge jerk towards rich people"
    This episode basically went the opposite direction

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    another great episode. best part was stan exiting the car when soos put his seat down with his shirt off.

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