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    This time, I'm going to review the episodes "Uncle Humidor" and "Doing the 7D Dance". Let's start.

    "Uncle Humidor" Review

    Writer: Paul Rugg

    Date: November 2, 2014

    Synopsis: "When Queen Delightful's zany Uncle Humidor visits and takes the 7D along on his quest to find the rarest bird in all of Jollywood, the bird mistakes Grumpy for one of its chicks and refuses to let him go."

    Well this is certainly an episode to talk about. The main thing I like about this episode is Uncle Humidor himself. He's a pretty jolly soul with a sense of adventure. He even has an awesome theme song sung by the 7D at the beginning of the episode. Michael McKean does a good job with the character. There's a lot of funny gags, like with the bird watching or the ways everyone tried to convince the birds to let go of Grumpy. It definitely feels like an adventure. The plan the 7D came up with was pretty smart and shows how awesome Uncle Humidor is. I should mention the design of the birds is pretty cool. The ending confirmed this as a good episode.

    "Doing the 7D Dance" Review

    Writers: George McGrath & Deanna Oliver

    Date: January 21, 2015

    Synopsis: "The 7D invent a new dance craze that sweeps Jollywood and the entire Enchanted Forest."

    This episode is really bizarre. It's what would happen if you mixed the SpongeBob episodes "Missing Identity" and "Earworm", and added a dash of the Powerpuff Girls episode "Meet the Beat-Alls". Let me explain. Like "Missing Identity", the episode is mostly told through a flashback. The 7D, Queen Delightful, and Lord Starchbottom were captured by the Glooms and strapped to a rocket. How were they captured? Well, they'll tell you since they literally talk to the audience. It's about the 7D going through the many phases of fame, without turning into jerks like they do in other episodes with characters getting famous. How was the dance formed? Let's see. Grumpy accidentally got ice in his pants, and he tries to get it out, in an inadvertently silly manner. Everyone likes it so much that it's the new dance craze in Jollywood. The dance is so fun that I can't help but dance to it. The song Happy sings is just so silly that it becomes funny. It's so fun to listen to I can't get it out of my head. There are some nice little references , like the Beatles-esque sequence and the the cheese commercial done in a "Most Interesting Man in the World" style. The Glooms, actually Hildy since Grim likes it, are tired of the dance and pretend to be tour guides when they're actually trying to get rid of them, along with the queen. Of course, they are defeated and things end on a happy dancing note. It's a good episode.

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    Looks like Disney Junior is removing The 7D starting April 1st. It was already removed from prime time, now only airing at 3 a.m. Once it's completely removed from Disney Junior, it'll be exclusive to Disney XD again.

    Perhaps low ratings might have something to do with this?

    For more recent news and updates about the new Boomerang, check out this blog!

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