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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbro View Post
    One buyout I'd like to see happen is for someone like Turner, WB or Hasbro to buy the Fox Kids library from Disney. I'd like to see those shows go to somebody who'd actually be willing to air them again (or at least give us some decent DVD sets) rather than just letting them sit collecting dust in the vaults.
    Honestly, I would love to see Disney release them on dvd and develop spinoffs, sequels, or live action movies based on some of them. I know that's not likely to happen, but Disney really shouldn't waste the properties it already owns.

    As far as Cookie Jar goes, as another poster wrote, Disney owned Dic and sold it to Cookie Jar, so if Disney were to buy Cookie Jar, I would suggest they have plans to develop the properties they acquire instead of wasting their money on acquiring them.

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    I'm sorry - and this answer, for the record , is to any thread asking who Disney should buy next...

    .....No, and No, and No. Disney has enough stuff that they DON'T take care of enough as is, due to tween-coms/teen-coms being more profitable than even what got them where they are , which is their theatrical fare and animated TV fare...

    Also, they have a tendency like many people have said before me to treat what they do have quite poorly and/or charge more than necessary for what they're willing to merchandise in the form of DVD collections, for example, as well as on top of that, not finish them at all when what they barely put out doesn't sell well to begin with unless it's their feature films (and even then, they still vault them after selling them for awhile, which IMHO, is a dirty business practice!).
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    As AnimeLover5816 said, DiC Entertainment, which later merged with Cookie Jar Entertainment, was owned by Disney for a short period of time. And I don't recall much coming out of it, except their animated Sabrina series airing on ABC Kids. One of the heads of the company bought the company back.

    If Disney bought Cookie Jar they would own one of the largest libraries of children's programming, which along with Disney's shows, have enough content to start a new channel: a new Toon Disney.
    Which I'm totally fine with.

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