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    B:TAS "I've Got Batman In My Basement" Talkback (Spoilers)

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    Episode #012 - I've Got Batman In My Basement
    Original Airdate - September 30th, 1992.

    While attempting to regain a stolen Faberge Egg from the Penguin, Batman is sprayed with nerve gas by the fowl fellow. Now unconscious, Batman is rescued by a 12-year-old aspiring detective who hides him in his basement. It's up to the precocious kid to figure out how to revive the comatose crime fighter before the Penguin finds him.

    There is no off position on the genius switch.

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    I don't hate this episode like most. I think it's very...average. The two kids finding Batman and dragging him into their basement is a bit of a stretch, but at least it's written well enough.

    The last act of the episode bothers me, though. It seems like a cheap HOME ALONE parody, and, the creme de la creme - the Penguin vs. Batman with a screwdriver.


    3 stars, tops.


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    IMO this is one of the worst episodes of BTAS because it is so annoyingly far fetched and it doesn't even have decent action sequences. Batman Vs. The Penguin with a screwdriver, I mean come on, this is not the dark hero that we know and love.


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    Worse character introduction episode...ever. The Penguin deserved so much more, so much better, than this episode. Yes, I can understand why Fox Kids would want such an episode like this, with the kids in the forefront, but...wow...an episode that could've been so much better.

    And the screwdriver/sword fight between The Penguin and Batman could arguably be the worst scene in the entire series.

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    Despite all the bad things I've heard, I remember liking this episode. Of course, I was ten or twelve when I saw it, so it was probably supposed to appeal to me.
    I generally don't like it when shows are forced to go out of their way to appeal to a certain audience just so someone else can sell more toys.
    I'll have to see this episode again to really judge it.
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    Actually, Penguin got a few good episodes in the Fox episodes. Neither of them were "I've Got Batman in My Basement".
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    Did I read correctly? Did you say that Cartoon Network is really bringing back Bats?!?!?
    "In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory." -Aragorn's parting words to Arwen

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    The Episode:

    I've Got Batman In My Basement is considered one of the worst B:TAS and it is. But there are a few nice things to be said about it.

    The series was getting too serious to be in a kiddie time slot, and kid-targetted episodes like this were necessary.

    The bullies were funny and the kid detectives showed inginuity in finding the crime scene, helping Batman, Operating the Batmobile, solving the "visor capsule" mystery, defending thier house and ultimately reviving Batman.

    Since this was produced when TNBA was probably not even a glimmer in Bruce Timm's eye, it would have been clever if "Sherwood"'s name was not mentioned in the episode, and in the end we learn his name was Jason or Tim. I'm half surprised they didn't.

    In spite of the good pionts, it is still pretty lame and weak. The Home Alone similarities and screwdriver/swordfight are both good pionts, not to mention the introduction of the Batman Returns design of Penguin, with the archaic bird/umbrella obsession of yesteryear.

    I'm partial to B:TAS over TNBA on almost everything except one point, and that one point is The Penguin. From his character design to his personality to his exploits, everything Penguin was an improvement in the world of TNBA.

    Note: this is rally nothing, but in the "Talkback Threads Collection" this episode is listed as "I've Got A Batman in My Basement" which is incorrect, but it really doesn't matter. Hardly worth pointing out.


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    murmur is offline Loud whispers
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    Why this episode doesn't suck

    I watched this episode on the Vol. 1 DVD the other day and found myself asking...

    Why the heck are so many people against this episode?

    So, I'm gonna see if I can break it down and give counterpoints to all the major complaints people have, which is difficult because the talkbalk for this eppie isn't exactly "Doomsday Sanction" length, which in turn means that most people have complained about this episode somewhere other than here. But here goes:

    Kids as the protagonists? Please, they just made this episode to please the network demographics.

    I suppose its possible that they tried to make the series more relatable to kids, but how exactly is that a bad thing? Not an ounce of this episode is dumbed down, especially when it comes to Penguin's vocabulary. The plot might be a little contrived, but then almost every B:tAS episode is contrived. We love them anyway because the characters are interesting and, as is the case in this episode, the scenes usually unfold logically given the premise. The episode is most certainly accessible to adults, and the kids' POV helps it be accessible to kids too (not to mention educational, what with all of Penguin's SAT words). That should be a positive.

    It's too much like Home Alone.

    And I suppose Maculay Culkin (sp.?) has a monopoly on children being brave in the face of criminal danger? That's about all they have in common. Stylistically, this episode is NOTHING LIKE Home Alone. The latter is a slapstick farce, where a little boy defeats two inept criminals. In this episode, the danger is very real, and might I remind everyone that the kids do not defeat the Penguin. They manage to get him wrapped up for about 2 seconds, which is still quite a feat, but a far cry from the ridiculous should-be-lethal humiliations that little Kevin puts Joe Pesci through in Home Alone. They manage to distract and delay Penguin and co. before they can bring Batman around, nothing more. Sherwood is a very likable, intelligent kid who gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help out his idol. [Heavy sarcasm]Oh nooooo, such silliness must not be tolerated.[/heavy sarcasm]

    A screwdriver? How ridiculous!

    Would you have preferred a machete to be lying around in the cellar the kids play in? Batman grabs what's handy. Penguin has absolutely no chance against Batman in a fair fight, so the situation makes for more genuine danger. Batman defeats his opponent after just regaining consciousness with a makeshift, inferior weapon. I think that's far more impressive than your average smackdown with batarangs and punches. And it's not a stretch that Batman wins either, since his strength and adrenaline clearly outmatch his attacker. If you have specific complaints about the choreography, well fine--I suppose I didn't pay enough attention to argue--but the mere fact that a household tool is used effectively isn't a problem in my book. In fact, it's unique and clever.

    This episode is a terrible introduction for the Penguin.

    Okay, this point has some merit. I concede that an episode where most of the hero POV is not Batman is a strange choice for the introduction to a classic villain. But if, for just a second, you can put your objections to the kids aside, you might notice that Penguin is introduced as a unique character with quirks to offset his intelligence, and most importantly, he is a genuine threat to Batman. He nearly offs our hero in the first act, and might well have finished the job without outside interference. Of course, he has to pull off a rather dirty surprise attack to do it (poisonous missiles don't strike me as fair play) but then that's in Penguin's character. He considers himself above mundane means of dispatching like guns, but could never take out the Bat without some underhanded methods. His high level of intellectualism is perfectly offset by his major failings in common sense, mostly in relation to his outrageous arrogance. He loses because he has no respect for Batman or most any other opponent, and it is fitting that children help take him down.

    Now, if you have an objection to the whole "Batman Returns" image, that's a separate matter, but it really has nothing to do with the episode itself.

    Where are the big action scenes?

    If you need Gotham City on the brink of destruction every episode, so be it. But while you're waiting for Joker to blow up some buildings, try to consider Batman in mortal danger while children risk their lives for him to be reasonably high stakes as well. Most of this episode's conflict is more suspense than straight action, which is the case in many other episodes (just about any solo Poison Ivy appearance actually). Again, if you're into the pow-zing-bang action sequences, then I understand if this isn't your cup of tea, but that doesn't make this episode inherently inferior.

    In closing, there are plenty of DCAU episodes that I much prefer, but I prefer them for their own merits, not because this one is flawed. A lot of intelligence went into the making of this episode and it is a lot more seamless than much higher profile ep's. Try to enjoy episodes for what they are rather than whine about what they aren't.

    Oh, and if I seem overly argumentative, by all means debate me, because I obviously spent way too much time on this and hope it doesn't go to waste.

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    I think this episodes average, there are some nice scenes and parts but its just average. **1/2
    I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I AM BATMAN!

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