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    Dang it!! Just when I thought CN couldn't go any lower they decide to kick the poor thing while it's down. At least those awesome gents at Adultswim/ Toonami have the decency to finish airing the rest of the series.
    And I was really looking forward to getting a second run of reruns to catch the ones I missed on the first run through.

    Sure the show had a weak start but what new show doesn't nowadays. What it lacked it made up for in charm, cleverness and originallity. I applauded the use of old and obscure characters over the main stay ones like the Joker and Penguin as it gave them a nice rest but also made their eventual appearence that more a game changer. Plus some of these updated ones look pretty terrifying with a new coat of paint.

    I'll certainly be catching this marathon on Sat.
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    I'm so happy! I have to set my dvr oh boy goody goodie goodi!

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    Here's the promo for the marathon this Saturday (spoiler-boxed, as it contains clips from the unaired eps.).

    Beware the Batman marathon promo:

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    ''It wasn't supposed to end like this''.

    Well, at least the guys behind Toonami are trying to give it some dignity before it's kicked out the door.
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    No, no it was not .

    Still, it's really nice of Toonami to air all the final episodes so that Beware can finally finish its TV run, and it's all the more poignant because of how crummy CN treated it. A very honorable move on their part .

    As for the trailer, looking forward to Croc coming back and Anarky being his delightfully creepy self. Deathstroke's... a little weird, and not just because he still has two eyes. His voice was a lot different from what I was expecting, though I guess that's par the course for Beware .
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    Quote Originally Posted by the greenman View Post
    In defense on the network, I personally believe they had a mandate and censorship lockdown. Let's not forget the Aurora, CO shooting, which caused WB to truly get nervous. The pushed back Gangster Squad among other things. It made them really bad, especially since that incident was not the only one connected to DKR: Twilight Language: Aurora Copycat Effect: The Complete List I'm no prude, but even I saw some stuff in Beware in looking through that lens of thought, found questionable to be on Saturday Morning.
    It shouldn't have been a Saturday morning cartoon. It would have been greater as an Adult Swim action lead off.

    Young Justice and Green Lantern shouldn't have been Saturday morning either.

    Edit 10/11/14: Just caught up and finished the series. Excellent finish. I loved the twists and the execution. Season 2 would have been very promising.
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