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    Happy New Years from The World's Finest! Welcome to the end in 2014!

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    Happy New Year to everyone here from The World’s Finest and The DC Animation Forum!

    So hey, remember last year when I said 2013 would be the last year of The World’s Finest and Marvel Animation Age? The thread is right here, actually. Seemed pretty set-in-stone, right? Well, that turned out to not exactly be the case. Marvel Animation Age did actually shut down, and is now an archived resource site. There are still some updates being done – mostly updating video files, doing some corrections here and there – but for all intents and purposes, Marvel Animation Age is closed. And that just happened a couple months ago. It took much longer than anticipated to get the timing right. And that is kinda why The World’s Finest is still open.

    As the year started to close out, I realized that the site is not yet ready to be put into archive mode. I even tried to start the process a couple times this year, the last attempt in August 2013 when I started to shut down Marvel Animation Age. But, a few things still need to be done before I can safely call it a day. So, to me, it made a bit more sense to move the end of The World’s Finest to 2014 – the 75th anniversary of Batman. The website started because of him, so it makes sense the site should kinda end with him, too. With the host of animated Batman projects coming this year, including the currently-airing Beware The Batman and two direct-to-video animated features, it felt like a logical choice to me. Plus, there should be a couple other goodies worth keeping the site going as is for a little while longer. Personally, even though it’ll last likely no more than a couple minutes at best, those Batman Beyond animated shorts has me really excited for the upcoming calendar year.

    I was able to get some small projects done on that site that needed to get done before the doors were closed, namely a small (small, small, small) subsite dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series (which has actually been done since August and no one has apparently noticed), and fine-tuning and fixing some coding issues here and there, and adding as much content to the original DC Universe Animated subsites as I could (be it ads, old magazine articles, etc.), something I plan to continue doing in 2014. But there’s still more to do before I can wrap it all up and bow out. This website is basically a one-person show. I do have help, but 90 - 95% of the work falls on my shoulders, and it's a lot to carry. It's reached that point where I'm burning out, but I am sure I got one last year in my to make sure this site closes down properly.

    Working on this site has also become an unwinnable game of catch-up. It has also become quite apparent that a site like The World’s Finest is becoming outdated in our modern internet age. Technology is moving far faster than I can keep up, and that includes things like website design and coding. My abilities are slim to begin with, and it’s becoming more apparent with each day. I imagine as we progress in 2014, the gap will continue to widen, and I just can’t put this website through that.

    I was actually advised to just cut the cord and close the site right now - to rip the band-aid off, if you will - but I just can't.

    It really does seem like the right time. Everything is lining up perfectly for a nice final year for the website. I know I’ve said like about 15 billion times, and the intent was honestly there each time, but things just didn’t line up as perfectly as they have right now. This also means that I’ll likely be asking you folks here, especially those who have stuck with this site and forum from the early days, what needs to be added to the site before it hits archived mode (no later than December 31st, 2014). Feel free to let me know – be it via email, private message, what have you – and I’ll see what I can do. The site will always remain online, however. Its not going down or being removed from the net.

    Thanks to everyone for sticking around and making this still the #1 DC Animation-themed website online. There's no need to leave any "thank you for all your hard work" notes for this message - you all did that last year (and I kinda feel bad about that since I received some truly touching messages). Let's just look ahead, instead. With a little luck, I’ll be able to pull out a couple good surprises as we enter its final year.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Don't hesitate. That’s what I’m here for.

    Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year, James.

    Glad to hear that the World's Finest will be sticking around for a bit longer.
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    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone out there. I haven't dropped a line in a long time. But we are having a little new year marathon here. We watched New Frontier and followed it with Superman/Batman World's Finest. We watched Justice League Starcrossed and are watching the JLU Cadmus 4 parter. We plan to watch DC Animated Universe stuff today.
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    Thanks James for your hard work and dedication. World's Finest is what drew me toward ToonZone in the first place, and the labor of love you put into World's Finest is apparent through its various sub-sites.

    Happy New Year!

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    Congrats on the Legion Of Superheroes subsite, I never watched the show, but it's awesome to finally have a site for it and I just looked it for some info and it looks awesome.

    Hard to believe World's Finest will shut down, surely a part of me shuts down with it. I have nothing but respect to each person who contributed to it, and specially, of course, to James Harvey, I admire everything you've done.

    Edit: I also saw you added the Lost Episode to the BTAS subsite, awesome how complete everything is getting.
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    I know I'm a week late, but a Happy New Year to everyone here at the World's Finest, and Toonzone in general!
    Nice to see the Legion of Super Heroes sub-site officially launched. Since there's not that much info about the show online (or at least I couldn't find too much) it's good to see the World's Finest now has some great stuff on it now as well.
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    You've put so much into this site. I've been keeping up with WFO since I was a kid, which was a long time ago. I just want to tell you personally that I appreciate you. Oh, and I was shocked to see that Legion of Superheroes got a site! It would be cool if you had a fused image of Superman in Dark Victory part 2. That would be wicked. Have a great year, Mr. H. You deserve it!


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