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    Quote Originally Posted by 90'sCartoonMan View Post
    What were the other times?
    Little late to reply to this, but to answer your question.

    - Beast Boy and Terra (The original Teen Titans)
    - Chiro and Jinmay (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)
    - Kevin and Gwen (Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JThree View Post
    Do you think? Singing that song, might melt Terra's heart a bit?

    EDIT: Whoops! Just heard that in the upcoming episode, "Matched," * SPOILER * Sorry! BB and Raven do nothing for me.


    I'm not sure, judging by the way they've portrayed Terra thus far she doesn't look as though she'll be very receptive towards any of BB's advances. But the series is doing pretty crazy things so you never know I guess! And I would be alright with either BBxRae or BBxTerra. I'm not so much into shipping and since both of those relationships are canon to the DC universe they're both valid in my opinion. My gut tells me the writers are gonna go towards the BBxRae route though, especially because of the episode you mentioned above. (The plot description of which is available for viewing on Wikipedia and other sites I'm sure) I'm gonna trust the writers on this one to make the best call, they've done really well so far and I'm actually pretty happy with the series overall.

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