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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Starz View Post
    Yes, but why? Is it because of the universe he's from? Because he's 'classier'?
    I'd say both of those are true, but it's actually a couple of other things for me. As far as voice acting goes, I thought Phil Morris brought a sense of power and confidence to the role that I find lacking in Miguel Ferrer's version. It made me believe that JL Savage was a serious threat while YJ Savage is just a schemer whose associates pose a bigger threat than he does. Also, while Ferrer's Savage sounds menacing, I feel that comes at the price that his voice almost seems slow and monotone at times. I will say though that both VA's made Savage come across as extremely intelligent.

    In terms of storylines and characterization, JL Savage had three different episodes where we got a pretty good look at who he is and why he's doing the things he's doing. The episodes themselves were all great too, so that doesn't hurt. Not to mention how he got an amazing character arc - he starts out in Savage Time as an unrepentant conqueror on the war path, but grows over time. When we see him again in Maid of Honor, it's clear he's learned from his defeat in WW2 by taking a more subtle approach towards taking over the world until his plans reach fruition. (As a side note, I find that downplaying his efforts as "Bond-level villainy" misses the point. Savage wants to rule the world as he did in the past and showed that he still has the power and intelligence to pull it off by himself if not for League intervention. That's a pretty effective villain if you ask me.) Finally, in Hereafter we see how he's learned from his mistakes, becoming an empathetic character and even more three-dimensional than he was in Maid of Honor. His conversations with Superman were some of the best dialogue I've seen in years, especially when you consider how far his character had come.

    In contrast, we've had no more than a few lines of dialogue from YJ Savage in Auld Acquaintance to understand his character and motivation. It was a great scene, mind you, but pales in comparison to the level of depth we've gotten out of the JL version (at least so far). EDIT: And while I personally think it's more amusing and ironic than hypocritical, it's still worth noting that YJ Savage directly contradicts his own plan. He accuses the League of promoting stagnation and believes he heralds change, but this is coming from an immortal caveman.

    Overall though, I should point out that I find they're really very different characters to begin with which makes it hard to do any kind of objective comparison. For instance, JL Savage wanted power and fame while YJ Savage wants control. Can we really say that one motivation is inherently better than the other? We've also seen very little of YJ Savage to really make an informed judgement one way or another compared to the multiple episodes JL Savage had to flesh out his character. So I don't think that YJ Savage is bad by any means, just that what we've seen so far makes the JL Savage the better version overall.
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    Justice League Savage. Phil Morris's voice, his design and fantastic episodes all come to mind. I especially liked "Savage Time", it was definitely my favourite JL season 1 episode along with "Injustice For All". As for the YJ and Doom ones, they're the same design, just as with Supes, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter and those versions of him just don't hold up in my book.
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