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View Poll Results: Rate and Comment - Green Lantern: The Animated Series "Lost Planet"

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    Chiming in late but this episode was very well done. Kudos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.C.Reaf View Post
    Saint Walker was the most interesting part of the ep. I don't know anything about him from the comics but from what we see in the ep I gather he's a reformed criminal that crashed on Mogo. If that's true than props to the writers for conveying that subtly without needed to spell it out. If that isn't right then what was he doing there in the first place.
    I don't know much about Saint Walker myself, but i do not guess that's he's a reformed criminal. Its the name... "Saint" is typically a title given to a holy and benevolent person. If walker was a reformed criminal, it would be very arrogant for him to call himself the title of "Saint". If he was meant to be a criminal turned saint, then i might expect him to introduce himself without the name saint; the title of which would be given to him at a later time.

    Not sure why he was on Mogo... could be that he was there to help criminals reform, or its possible that he foresaw the arrival of Razor and knew he needed to be there for him; I even started thinking that maybe the Green Ring came to him first and he decided came to Mogo to give the ring to him instead of taking it himself. No clue, but i do hope his reason for being there becomes more clear.
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    First point to note the CGI looks stunning in HD, this is the first episode I've seen in HD since the pilot and wow it looks amazing. Speaking on the animation I think it looked better than ever on this episode.

    Once again DCAU Fanboy in me CLANCY BROWN WOOHOO. They sure are keeping him busy he was on Young Justice the other week .

    Saint Walkers so awesome, I never knew much about it his character from the comics but now I want to read some more. Oh and whilst I'm on the subject PHIL MORRIS WOOHOO!! St Walker took Razer so easily that was definitely a humorous scene.

    The badguys in those were suck sneaky sods.

    The tension created by Zartok with Kilowog was built up really well, you were just waiting for him to show his true colours. Their fight was superbly done.

    I loved how the plent itself stopped the castaways that was so cool, I never clicked that it was Mogo, I just assumed Mogo already existed. His voice was abit evil though I was expecting him to go "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME GADGET".

    Another great episode 4.5/5
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