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    Yeah I'll have to go with the consensus and say Aqualad is by far the least interesting. Not terrible but he has no real personality or characterization.

    My current top 3 are probably Artemis, Blue Beetle (yes after just one episode) and Kid Flash. Look forward to Wonder Girl and Bumblebee getting more focus but not too big on Batgirl. Would've preferred Cassandra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Starz View Post
    15. Mal-- Why don't you have one of your MANY superhero identities?
    For the same reason Artemis Crock didn't start out with one of her aliases on this show, he started out simply as Mal Duncan before his other hero aliases in the comics.

    18. Blue Beetle-- We'll talk when you get a new VA. Pun Intended.
    His voice and how it sounds seems to be a voice directing choice by Jamie Thompson. I remember when Eric Lopez voiced Mark Allen (Molten Man) on Spectacular Spider-Man and he didn't sound annoying or stereo-typical. So I'm not sure what it is they're going for with this Blue Beetle, but I agree in how it has come across as annoying.
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