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View Poll Results: Rate and Comment - Green Lantern: The Animated Series "Into the Abyss"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbywoodhogan View Post
    Another quality episode, one thing though what is it with this show and creepy crawlies?
    Arthropods are basically several hard surfaces connected at multiple joints/hinges. This makes them conveniently easier to animate in CG then their more flexible cousins, the chordates (including humans).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbywoodhogan View Post
    I do wish Razer had actually been given a Green Lantern ring but I'm wondeirng if that will come later (if at all).
    It was confirmed in an old interview that's where his character arc will take him. I'm thinking they'll save it for either the halfway point or the end of the season.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbywoodhogan View Post
    Hal Jordan trying that sling shot move was so Hal Jordan they've nailed the character on this show.
    The one thing I thought was off was Hal telling Razer he should be afraid of death. He's right of course, but Hal telling someone else they should be afraid of something is the most ironic thing ever.

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    Even though I've come to enjoy Young Justice this episode did something for me that it hasn't been able to do so far, and that's to keep me he on the edge of my seat from the start of the conflict to the end. No easy feat either, usually it's pretty easy for me to see where the story is going to head and come up with answer as to how things will be resolved.

    There's a nice contrast in character drama between this and YJ too. The more teen highschool drama of YJ and the personaliity conflicts of this series. It's stand out pretty sharp in this back to back block they have.

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    I love using Green Lanterns as this all-purpose space cop/emergency worker. Really great episode, I'm just hoping we get to see some recurring plots and characters, which may be hard given the set-up of this part of the season.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert McSantos View Post
    That makes sense. If her new body has both a ring and a personal battery built into it, then she can use as much power as she wants and never has to worry about recharging. Maybe the other GLs can use her to recharge their own rings on the fly as well, in situations where they can't reach their own batteries or the ship's engine.
    I'm wondering how that'll play into the Manhunters, if they still have that background...or even if the Alpha Lanterns will appear on this show.
    "And until we meet again boys and girls, know that wherever evil lurks in all its myriad forms, I'll be there with the hammers of justice to fight for decency and defend the innocent. Goodnight." - Batman

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    Mr. Volpe posted six pages of storyboard thumbs for the episode:
    1. Page One
    2. Page Two
    3. Page Three
    4. Page Four
    5. Page Five
    6. Page Six

    Really getting a kick out of these things, really neat look at the production process.
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    Good episode.

    One scene I found hilarious would have to be when Hal told Razer and Kilowog to shake hands, they shook fists instead. I also liked how Kilowog and Razer weren't that keen about working together at first, but learnt to appreciate each other a bit better.
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