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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergrinch View Post
    On the whole I think the most satisfactory handwave explanation would be that the object that had most recently travelled would retain its position after the merger. This would then explain why Fate's helmet remained on Zatanna's head, while Starro arm was in Riddler's possession. And would also mean Amber is in deep doo-doo.

    Now, as to situations where teenagers are taking joyrides in their parents' cars, while the parents were out looking for them in said cars - right before the moment of merging... your guess is as good as mine
    Well, looks like Greg confirms this explanation. Of course, nobody's asked him what the effect of two objects being simultaneously acted upon was. It's probably not important enough to clog up the queue

    Anonymous writes...

    Since Starro's leg was moved in the adult dimension but not the kid dimension, yet The Light still had it when the worlds merged back together, then does that mean the adult dimension was the "real" world while the kids were sent to a pocket dimension, rather then things just being split? So the airplane is still uncrashed?

    Greg responds...

    No. It means that whatever was ACTED upon takes precedent over what was not acted upon. So the Helmet of Fate stayed in Roanoke. The piece of the creature stayed with Riddler. And Amber's plane crashed.


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    Anyone else find Captain Marvel's "I didn't disappear!" line really funny? I mean, think about it. If you really had disappeared, how would you know?

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