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    I'm sure a consummate professional like Kevin Conroy wouldn't accidentally name drop the next big DC animated feature. This has to be legit and is probably WB's early way of seeding interest.

    But yeah, Flashpoint makes total sense to adapt. Everything you needed to know about The Flash and the story was included in the main mini - there's possibly even room to touch on some bits from the tie-ins, such as the Aquaman/Wonder Woman war.

    And despite the movies not having any continuity between them, DC could use this chance to re-boot the characters in their new costumes, for overall brand consistency.
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    Castle's Molly Quinn is slated to voice Supergirl in an upcoming DC Comics Premiere Movie title, slated for 2013, adapting the acclaimed Superman: Brainiac story-line by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. The actress made the announcement over the weekend San Diego Comic-Con. The World's Finest has more.

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