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    Episode #025 (385-632) - The River Rising
    Original Airdate - August 3rd, 2002

    Zee and Ro find temporary asylum from Bennet, among a clan of technology-fearing people called the Noteks. But while Bennet works on getting a warrant to enter their land, the Noteks discover that Zee is a synthoid -- and try to destroy him.


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    Was anyone else completely blow away by the animation this week. This episode should set a standard for television action animation. All the scenes of the no-techs working were fabulous.

    I wonder why they couldn't just call them Ahnish since the simple explaination of "not believing in technology" doesn't explain their attitudes toward gender.

    Zeta turning into a robot to provide a lamp and getting caught was a problem for me. Zta is nieve, but nievity ant stupidity are different. He would have known better.

    When he "saved" them, he actually didn't succeed since the levy broke anyway. The no-techs should have been more concerned about the coming flood then the unwelcome robot.

    The judge was cool. But I think he would need more convincing then someone saying "Aaah! Help me! Help me!" into a cell phone to provide a warrent like that.

    Otherwise one of the best eps of this show I've seen. Four and a half stars.

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    This episode was cool! Agent West really screwed up big time. If I were is Agent Rush's shoes, I would have shot West in a second (and blamed it on the No-Tech people). I really wish the donkey kid wasn't in it. He creeped me out .
    This show keeps getting better and better! Next week's ep looks awesome. Too bad Zeta will be taking another hiatus soon.
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