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    DC Comics Solicitations - October 2014

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    What exactly is the deal with The Multiversity? Is there a main 6-8 issue mini series or is the entire event just a series of these random one shots?

    (supposedly no relation to the Hanna-Barbera Birdman)

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    -Action Comics 35(Glad Doomed is over, interesting that the focus is still on Smallville.)
    -Arkham Manor 1(So excited for this book, Gerry Duggan has yet to fail me!)
    -Batgirl 35(This will be another great hit, creative team has been so enthusiastic about this book)
    -Batman 35(This isn't the actual end of the teams run, but a new arc set after Eternal. I. AM. HYPE.)
    -Batman and Robin 35(Ehhh)
    -Batman Eternal 26(Wonder why Gotham is on martial law)
    -Eternal 27(I really hate underground Gotham, hopefully these writers make it interesting)
    -Eternal 28(I'm guessing the answer is no.)
    -Eternal 29(I'm loving Ray Fawke's Spectre so far, can't wait for more!)
    -Eternal 30(Guessing this is still Ray's arc, excited)
    -Batman/Superman 15(Inb4 this gets delayed again.)
    -Constantine 18(Very excited for this, new artist and the book seems to be set on E2 now)
    -Earth 2 27(Trying this book out again with the weekly just for one month)
    -E2 World's End 1(Alright I'll bite for month one at least..)
    -E2 WE 2(Very worried about the art of this book, if there has to be 3 different artists each issue)
    -E2 WE 3(This issue sounds like it will be fun actually.)
    -E2 WE 4("Too late! THE NEW 52) What the heck lol?)
    -Gotham Academy 1(This book will be so much fun, can't wait!)
    -Grayson 1(Very much enjoyed the first issue, looking forward to more)
    -Green Arrow 35(Sad about the last team leaving, but then again, there run was only fun reading in trades, hopefully these guys will keep me interested on a monthly basis, especially since they know how to entertain audiences weekly with the same character.)
    -Green Lantern 35(This event will be killer, I'm excited!)
    -GLC 35( Sounds like the most boring tie in of the event, though that's a good thing.)
    -GL:NG 35(This will be great, White Lantern vs New Gods!)
    -Infinity Man and FEP 4(Bat Cow! Already a 10 star issue!)
    --Justice League 34(The conclusion for our first post FE arc, was going to say this has been dragging but..)
    -Justice League 35(Double shipping, horray! A new arc to boot!)
    -Justice League United 5( Spotlight on the new character, hopefully she is interesting)
    -JLU Annual 1(Very excited for this, Lemire writing Legion!)
    -Lobo 1(Just this one issue, if I don't like it, I won''t bother with it any further.)
    -New Gods: Godhead 1(The beginning to what looks to be the best GL event yet)
    -Red Lanterns 35(Soule has been killing it, excited for his imput into the event)
    -Sinestro 6(This will be a fun issue and my hopping on to the title)
    -Superman 35(Really enjoyed Geoff's first issue)
    -SM/WW 12(I'm expecting the next arc to be WW focused)
    -Teen Titans 3(I may drop this if I don't care for the second issue though)
    -Flash 35(Hopefully the end to the first arc)
    -Multiversity 3(I'm going to be annoyed that they call this Earth 16, but the actual world looks like it'll be fun to explore)
    -Futures End 22(I guess the rest of the world didn't know who masked Superman was either, interesting.)
    -FE 23( The Jokers last stand? Could be fun)
    -FE 24(What, Mr. Terrific?)
    -FE 25(Lol how corny)
    -FE 26(Ok, so Batman's first FE
    -Trinity Of Sin 1(Giving the first issue a try, that'll be it though)

    Quote Originally Posted by rggkjg1 View Post
    What exactly is the deal with The Multiversity? Is there a main 6-8 issue mini series or is the entire event just a series of these random one shots?
    I understand it's 8 one shots, but are all tied together through having the same villain somehow.
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    I look forward to getting Looney Tunes #221. I wish DC had considered doing a celebration for the comic book series given it started in 1994, though.

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    I'm interested in:
    Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet #5 (of 6)

    Batman ’66 #16

    Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #3

    Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #5 (of 6)

    Astro City #16

    The Multiversity: The Just #1

    Re: Looney Tunes: given WB probably views the Looney Tunes comic as trademark maintenance/a token kids' book (that's probably the one book DC publishes that's not about superheroes *or* "mature readers"), not sure they'd consider such a celebration beyond their 100th/200th/etc. style anniversaries.
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