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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Ultra Mike View Post
    Yeah that's why it's really hard to get exited or even upset by any of these changes: because you know they're just going to change back. Okay granted most things do wind up changing or reverting anyway with comics,--
    I think you answered it right there with the start of your second sentence. You certainly should not get upset over these type of changes. As for getting excited, I enjoy seeing the new storylines (even if they're just plot twists on old comic book standards). It'll be different for a few months, so you might as well enjoy the ride, I say...

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    Makes me wonder if there will be a Thor movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Paltridge View Post
    Thor's been a frog. Why not a lady frog?
    Amphibians have been known to do the old switcheroo. That's the angle they should have used.

    A hat and matching shoes made of luncheon meat?! Believe it or not this and many other wonders await us in the world of the future, unless we take action now.
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    Don't give their movie division any ideas.

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    There wasn't just the Earth-X female Thor. There was also a "What If?" story where Jane Foster picked up the Mjolnir hammer instead of Donald Blake, and after transformation, decided to call herself Thordis.

    See Thor, Goddess of Thunder for the different girl-Thors.

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