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    Marvel Comics Solicitations - September 2014

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    -All New X-Men 32
    -Amazing Spider-Man 4
    -Avengers 35
    -Captain America 24
    -Death of The Wolverine 1-4
    (Will update with rest of solicits later)
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    Warren Ellis is off of Moon Knight already? That's disappointing. I was really enjoying his work. I'll probably drop the book once he's gone. I have no idea how good a writer Brian Wood is, but I don't think I want to give my $3.99 to a guy with a reputation as skeevy as his.

    I will be getting Daredevil (but I am a few months behind on the series). I'll get Silver Surfer when it price drops and Doop, All-New Ghost Rider, Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, Savage Hulk, She-Hulk, and Punisher when they go on sale.

    I'm still reading Superior Spider-Man, but I'll start collecting Amazing Spider-Man once I reach the end of the series (but I have about 10 issues to go).

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    What I'll be getting:
    All New X-Factor # 13-14
    All New X-Men # 32
    Amazing Spider-Man #1.5
    Amazing Spider-Man # 6
    Amazing X-Men # 11
    Avengers # 35
    Avengers World # 12-13
    Captain America # 24
    Captain Marvel # 7
    Cyclops # 5

    Daredevil # 8
    Death of Wolverine # 1-4
    Edge of Spider-Verse # 2
    Hulk # 6
    Legendary Star Lord # 3
    Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man # 5
    Ms. Marvel # 8
    New Warriors # 9-10
    Nightcrawler # 6
    Silver Surfer # 7
    Spider-Man 2099 # 3
    Superior Spider-Man # 33
    The Superior Foes of Spider-Man # 15
    Thor: God of Thunder # 25
    Uncanny Avengers # 24

    General Comic thoughts:
    - So it looks like the relatively self-contained books like X-Factor and Ms. Marvel, aside from the Avengers and Captain Marvel references in the latter, are finally going to tie-in to Inhumanity. Looking forward to seeing how PAD will write Quicksilver with his daughter, and Warlock's doomed to fail attempt to make a move on Danger .

    - I'm interested to see how the X-Men will react to the Ultimate universe and while I highly doubt Miles will be sticking around with the team, I'm sure his interactions with the X-Men is probably going to be quite entertaining at least.

    - I have to wonder what kind of secrets Uncle Ben would have kept from Peter, and how they might effect him so early in his career as Spider-Man. I wonder the line about "Clash’s fate that kept him secret all these years!" means he's going to be showing up in the present eventually?

    So it sounds like Black Cat and Electro crash the opening of Peter's new Supervillain prison. I wonder if they'll succeed or if Spidey will finally manage to stop them? I also wonder how Silk will factor into things.

    - I'm not quite sure what "Time Runs Out" is about, but I assume it involves the Illuminati's plotting to save the Earth at the expense of another. It'll be interesting to see how Hickman will conclude his run, though I can't say I'm as excited for it as I am other Avengers books.

    - With Cap seemingly out of action for now, and with his book now "on the road to Axis," I imagine the tie-in for his series will be Cap getting his strength restored so he can take on Red Skull in the main book.

    -I hope the Cyclops book doesn't put off Scott and Corsair's reuinon with the rest of the Starjammers for too long, since I'm actually looking forward to seeing them again. Especially Hepzibah

    - Looks like DD will be taking on the Purple Man soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Waid writes and handles the latter.

    - One the one hand, Marvel is killing off Wolverine purely for the publicity and he's probably going to come back around the same time as his next movie. On the other hand, I enjoy Charles Soule's work and this is probably going to be an enjoyable series as well as a good send-off to Logan for however long it lasts .

    - I'm for sure getting the Edge of Spider-Verse issue with the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, and it'll also be nice to see SpOck again .
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