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    Marvel Comics Solicitations - August 2014

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    -All New X-Men 31(Seems like women in this book are only love interests)
    -Amazing Spider-Man 5(Seriously loving this book, SSM really affected this this title)
    -Avengers 34(Loving this book, but kind of want to wait for a omnibus to continue since it looks to be ending soon)
    -Miles Morales 4(Ultimate Peter returning obviously isn't what it seems)
    -New Avengers 22(Hmm)
    -New Avengers 23(Ominous tease)
    -Spider-Man 2099 2(Liked the preview in ASM 1)
    -Superior Spider-Man 32(Glad to see it back, as much as I hated it when it was running, I kind of miss it)
    -Uncanny X-Men 25(Can't really say much till I know what xaviers secrets were)
    Huge comics fan,anime reviewer,animation watcher, I help run a Toonami site(you can follow it on Twitter @ToonamiNews)


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