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    Quote Originally Posted by SigmasonicX View Post
    The fact that there were two snack servers and one of them had princess curls made me wonder if they were supposed to be a reference to Pretty Cure or something, but no, it seems like they are original characters.
    Didn't stop the comic from having an anime reference though (in this case, a pair of ponies that resemble Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill).
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    Both the Equestria Girls Holiday Special and main series #26 have gotten pretty negative reactions, and thus, I haven't bought them. Well, I wasn't going to buy the former regardless, but this will be the first main series issue that I haven't bought.

    Boiled down, the issues people have with the two stories are:
    In the former, despite taking place after Rainbow Rocks, everyone still turns against Sunset Shimmer pretty quickly when they think she's spreading gossip online, and the story turns out to be a retread of "Ponyville Confidential", except this time the Cutie Mark Crusaders are intentionally being malicious. There's a lot of unpleasant out of character stuff (even considering that the Equestria Girls versions have slightly different personalities) and the conclusion isn't satisfactory for many people.

    In the latter, the entire story ends up revolving around creating a situation in which Twilight would feel comfortable using magic against the Cattle Rustlers, and the conflict is resolved as soon as she does. Applejack doesn't get to be a big action hero and instead comes up with a plan involving her lying, and Twilight is apparently willing to use magic when government property is being damaged but not when barns are being burned down and towns looted.
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