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    "Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives" Classic Talkback (Spoilers)

    Like This Thread!
    Marvel represents this classic Spider-Man tales from the 80s!



    • He’s Peter Parker: a shy, introverted teen whose life changed forever when a radioactive spider bit him.
    • She’s Mary Jane Watson: product of a broken home, concealing her pain with an outgoing party-girl persona.
    • They meet, fall in love and get married. This is their story.
    • The classic 1989 graphic novel returns!


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    My absolute favorite Spider-Man/Mary Jane love story, back in print! I still have my copy on the shelf, I've had it for over 10 years now. Maybe 15 years.

    If I recall right, the writer - Gerry Conway - was the prevailant writer for Spider-Man in the 70's. So this was somewhat of a return to the character for him. And the writing and artwork is a bit "old school" even for 1989 (remember, the late 80's and early '90's were the era of Todd "SPLASH PAGE" McFarlane).

    But it's a tender little tale comparing the lives of 3 of my favorites: Spidey, Mary Jane, and Doc Ock.

    And it was almost made "null and void" by "One More Day!" In the "One Moment In Time" storyline, we learn Peter Parker was prevented from attending the wedding, so it looked like he stood Mary Jane up. By the end of "One Moment In Time" though, the two had agreed to stayed together as boyfriend/girlfriend, and they take the "honeymoon" together to Paris after all.

    Well, the "present day" sequence in "Parallel Lives" start with them returning from the Honeymoon. So thankfully they didn't completely wipe out the events of this graphic novel. We're all just supposed to squint our eyes and overlook the scenes of them getting married at the altar.

    I'm actually surprised they reprinted this, considering that Marvel seems to not want to ever mention that the two were ever married. But it's a fine graphic novel to own on it's own accord!

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