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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Yoshi Mage View Post
    The Killing Joke isn't part of the sale. I got Mad Love, The Man Who Laughs, and the first fifteen issues of Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin. Spent a little more than I should've, and I really need to stop making these impulse purchases on digital comics, books, and games, but it's really hard to pass this stuff up. Hopefully, I'll be worrying about it less in two weeks when I get paid.

    Anyway, recently I also picked up the fourth and fifth, Walking Dead collections and the first issue of a new Star Wars comic, Dawn of the Jedi. The Walking Dead really gets more messed up than I thought, and Dawn was really cool for a hardcore Star Wars fan like me.
    I got a ton of stuff from the Joker sale too. All the stuff you got, except for Batman and Robin since I already have those, and other stuff like all the "Under the Hood", "A Death in the Family", "Going Sane", Joker: Last Laugh, a "No Man's Land" issue of Detective, "Emperor Joker", the stuff Paul Dini wrote with Zatanna in Detective, "The Laughing Fish" some Gotham Central​ issues, and "The Clown at Midnight". Can't wait to read all this stuff.

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    Some of those Detective Comics issues had Zatanna stories written by Paul Dini? Dang it! I need to be more up on my comics...
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    I visited one of my LCS this weekend and noticed they had AVX #1 for sale and quickly snatched up a copy. It is not supposed to be released until tomorrow night but it seems like this retailer didn't know. Brief spoiler-free thoughts - A basic set-up with nice art and good writing but nothing too special. It is essentially what you expect it to be. I actually went to my LCS to pick up the recent hardcover release of The Punisher by Greg Rucka and I'm really glad I did. The art was great and the writing was superb. Such a great approach to Punisher. Although I thought Punisher was just recently this Frankenstein type creature in the Marvel Universe. How did they undo that?

    I also managed to pick up the first three trades for Locke & Key and Daredevil Vol. 1 by Mark Waid. A great visit to the comic shop!
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    This week's purchases:

    Life With Archie #18
    : If you've been following this title up until this point, you *definitely* want this issue. :-p (Yes, SPOILERS on my more full-fledged review link)

    Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #24: I'll miss this title. At least they incorporated Chat into the mainstream Marvel Universe, though she's apparently got not much of a connection with Peter/Spidey...

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    Went to my local comic store yesterday and they were having a backlog sale so I managed to get all 26 copies of Gotham City Sirens for a dollar each and I have to say it was a wise purchase, it was a really fun series that I wish hadn't gotten cancelled because of the reboot.

    I also got 890-899 of Action Comics (already have 900 and they were sold out of it anyways) it was a really great arc and I liked the tie in it had to Sandman which is one of my favorite comic series of all time.

    I plan on going there later in the week to see if I can find any other series I'm interested in.

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