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    This was an alright issue. Kinda boring though. Lots of talking going on but no action. I think I'm gonna stop with this issue and just wait until the whole arc is done to start reading again, because like many have noted before Bendis tends to write for the trade, so I guess that's how I'll be reading this.

    One or the upsides to this was Pichelli's art. Very dynamic and it just looks really good. I'd say she's a marked improvement over Bagely.

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    Ultimate Spider-Man (Vol 3.) Talkback thread (Spoilers)

    I just realized we didn't have one for this series so considering it's first arc is finally done I decided that it's time for one .

    So anyways my thoughts, Spider-Man has always been my all time favorite Super Hero and the Ultimate Line was my favorite series featuring the wall crawler because while it wasn't always the best it was the most consistently enjoyable of the lot.

    I am probably one of the few who actually liked it more after the first reboot because it let Peter do something that never was allowed to happen in the 616 universe and that was he was actually happy for more than a few issues. He had a lot of friends, his aunt knew he was Spidey (without a magical recton getting rid of it too!) and all of NY respected him. But we all know Peter's luck so of course none of that could last and he was killed off as the closure of the Ultimate Vol 2 line of comics.

    I remember hearing about a new Spider-Man taking over this line and I started to think of all the people it could be under the mask now (Eddie Brock for example) only for it to be announced and it to be someone unrelated to Peter at all. While I was happy to see we finally had an Ethnic Spider-Man it still annoyed me that they felt like they had to kill of Peter to introduce this new character and made me feel a distaste for him immediately before even knowing what he was about.

    But upon reading the first few issues of the new comic my thoughts on him completely changed and I became a huge fan of the new Spider-Man. Miles is someone who is just starting out and decides to become Spidey for no other reason than to continue the legacy the hero the character had and he wants to do all he can because he feels that he is somewhat to blame for Parker's death. He also has a lot of new powers that Peter never had (like invisibility) that also open a lot of interesting possibilities for the character.

    Miles also has an interesting story. While he isn't like Peter and was already living a nice life until the Spider bit him he lives in a bad part of New York and his mother gets him into a school that gives him a chance to make something with his life. He has a really nerdy best friend who loves the fact that Miles has powers now and wants to help him in any way. A dad who doesn't want his son to go down a bad path. And an uncle who is an internationally known criminal. All of this adds up for a pretty interesting new status quo.

    While I still wish Peter hadn't been killed off I still like this new guy a lot and I hope he sticks around for a while.

    Edit : And it seems we already did have one and my post just got merged into it. That's interesting.
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    Ultimate Spider-Man impressed me a lot this week. We finally meet our first supervillian of the new series, Ultimate Scorpion. And wow, the dude just screams bad-ass in everyway. Though, I hope we can get a explanation of his powers, specifically the invulnerable skin.

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    I picked up issue #10 this week and I really loved it. This is easily Bendis' best work in a long time. The uncle character brings such an interesting dynamic to the Spider-Man story and the cliffhanger really has me looking forward to the next issue. Sure I don't think Miles is going to fall into a life of crime like his uncle but I like that Bendis is actively exploring these type of ideas and the temptations that can come with these powers. Then again he has also put Miles into a rough corner with his uncle threatening to tell Miles' dad everything about him being Spider-Man so Miles is in a pretty difficult spot.
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