Following the wrap-up on Marvelís legendary Mighty Thor series, Oeming and Kolins travel back in Marvel history to bring you a classic Thor adventure! Stepping out of the past of the glorious days of Kirby, Lee, and Buscema, Thor: Blood Oath presents Thor in his prime, with your favorite cast, including Odin, Balder, The Warriors Three and more!


WRITER: Michael Oeming
PENCILS: Scott Kolins

THE STORY: The Warriors Three are put on trial for murder by the Giants. Standing besides his brothers-in-arms, Thor ties himself to their fate. The Warriors Three and Thor are sent on an impossible journey by the Giants to pay their "weird" a blood price for the killing of a Giantís son. Thor and his three allies will journey across the lands, through Greece, Midgard, Asia and Africa, clash with gods, monsters, the dead, and occasionally each other!