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    Iron Man#163-173 "The Fall of Tony Stark" Classic Talkback

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    Iron Man#163-173 “The Fall of Tony Stark” (1982-83)

    Written by Dennis O’Neil
    Art by Luke McDonnell

    Underneath the strong armor of Iron Man inhabits an all-too fragile man. For all his wealth, handsome looks, and genius, Tony Stark is an alcoholic. At one point, the power of drink threw him into self-destruction. Fortunately Tony stopped drinking.
    But there is no cure for Alcoholics. Sobriety is a life-long struggle.
    Obadiah Stane knows
    that. A chess master, he attacks Tony emotionally and physically. He kidnaps his friends, attacks his business, and nearly pummels his armored 'bodyguard' with his powerful Chessmen. Pushed to the edge, Tony finds solace in a beautiful woman. But then Stane reveals his Queen, sending Tony to despair and liquor. Plunging deeper into booze, he fails to care as he loses his business, his fortune, his dignity. Even the mantle of Iron Man is taken from him, by his best friend!

    The second 'alcoholism' saga, I thought this was a better story than the Micheline-Layton ‘Demon in the Bottle.’ There, Tony just goes drunk for one issue and than everything’s fine next issue. This storyline is one slow development. A prototype for the Post-Crisis Luthor, Obadiah Stane ruthlessly takes down Stark, hits him hard, flaunts his abilities and takes almost everything away from him. And poor Tony goes from one embarrassment to another (fighting Machine Man under the influence, attacking a baddie sloshed and in his underwear, etc.). It is also Tony's last adventure in his classic armor, setting up Jim Rhodes as the second Iron Man (and eventually War Machine). A rather underrated story.

    Comments? Anyone wish to add a thought?

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    That sounds....jolly.

    I would never read this for the same reason I'll never watch the new Battlestar Galactica: I like at least some glimmer of hope in my stories.
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