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    I'd like to recap the storyline of Zero Hour if anyone may be lost so far.

    At the end of Happy Hour, Lance M. Donovan's head & The Joker disappeared in the explosion.

    The world believes that both Lance & Joker are dead.

    After the destruction of the Lance android, Lex Luthor decides to create a more efficient android, this time called, Lars M. Dusseldorf.

    Back at Stan's Place: The Heroes' bar, Batman finds that Lance's head has somehow reappeared.

    Green Goblin finds it & attempts to destroy it.

    Dr. Doom traces the signal of the head & tries to fins it himself with the rest of the heroes

    Iron Man attempts to find the head so he & Batman can study it for answers.

    Green Goblin & Iron Man try to fight for the head, until both the heroes and villains of Marvel & DC arrive.

    Goblin & Iron Man are caught in an explosion & are actually teleported to the lair of Lex Luthor thanks to the head.

    But, the head is still back where Goblin & Iron Man left it, it didn't teleport with them. Dr. Doom takes it & teleports back with the villains.

    But once again, the head doesn't teleport with them.

    Batman takes it back to Stan's Place to examine it.

    Lex Luthor offers Green Goblin his freedom if he can incapacitate Iron Man. Gobby abides.

    In order to get rid the head of Lance for good, Spider-Man & Batman call in Deadpool to destroy it.

    Luthor imprisons Iron Man, but tells Green Goblin that he will send Goblin back homes if he can get the head back from Deadpool & bring it back to Lex. Luthor gives him an ultimatum that if Gobby doesn't get the head back, he'll tell Harley Quinn that Joker is still out there somewhere.

    Before Deadpool comes to destroy the head, his former cop partner, Rorschach, finds a file know as "Plan Q" & that it has something to do with a mobster known as Joe Palachi, but suddenly, Roschach vanishes.

    Goblin returns to the Heroes Bar to find & return the head to Lex Luthor. This leads to a fight with Deadpool.

    But, Deadpool & Goblin find that they're completely & equally matched, so they decide to goof off instead of actually fighting.

    But, under orders from Luthor, Goblin steals the head & tries to return back to Luthor's lair.

    While Batman is going over the data from his study of the head, he finds out that the technology used to build this head is 10 years more advanced from the last time they studied it. Batman deduces that this is actually a version of Lance that is 10 years from the future.

    In their real fight, Goblin & Deadpool are once again teleported to Lex's lair, only this time, it's 10 years in the future. A future that has turned apocalyptic.

    Future Lex actually set the coordinates on Lance's head to send them to the future, but intended for Superman to comes, not Goblin & Deadpool. After killing two monsters, Future Lex explains that Goblin & Deadpool have to go back in the past to save the future.

    Back in the present however, Lex holds Iron Man hostage & tells the heroes to find the head of Lance or he'll kill him.

    Dr. Doom & the villains return seeking the head again, but Lars comes back & teleports them back to the villains bar.

    Doom laments that Luthor & Lars will keep outsmarting them until they can find technology that can match Luthor's. A man appears saying that he knows a man know as Joe Palachi that give them the technology & weapons they need.

    Future Lex explains to Gobby & Deadpool that when he found the energy that causes Stan's Place to act as a nexus for all the comic book worlds was about to go supernova, he hid in the Pocket Dimension he found all the way back in After Hours.

    After 10 years he returned, only to fins it in ruins. he also explained that he found out that Darkseid was also interested in the energy of Stan's Place. But Luthor deduced that Darkseid had absolutely no idea that he was merely a comic book character, not an actual God of a distant planet.

    In a flashback, it's shown that the Joker was teleported to Apokolips, the homeword of Darkseid, back in the explosion at the end of Happy Hour.

    Joker finds out that Darkseid believes that he is real, & gives a monologue explaining to Darkseid that he's merely nothing more than a comic-book character. Darkseid is enraged by this & destroys Joker with his Omega Beams.

    After explaining how the failure of Plan Q caused the nightmare future to happen, Future Lex finally sends Deadpool & Goblin back to the present.

    After a meetup with Dr. Doom & the rest of the Marvel & DC villians, it's revealed the "Joe Palachi" is actually, The Joker. Joker explains that Darkseid revived him so that he could spread Apokoliptian technology. As part of coming back to life, Joker finally has found sanity, yet he remains evil.

    Joker then uses the Apokoliptian technology to transform all the villains of the Marvel & DC universes into mutated minions of Darkseid.

    When they return to the past, Goblin & Deadpool tell the present-day Lex Luthor of everything that happens in the future.

    After hearing the truth, Luthor frees Iron Man in hopes that he can help him study the head of Lance once more.

    But, Lars appears & brings the minions of Darkseid with him, revealing that he implanted artificial memories into Luthor's mind making him think he created Lars, when in actuality, Darkseid created him. Lars then teleports Green Goblin & Deadpool into the lair of Darkseid.

    Darkseid reveals that while it did do incredible damage to his ego, he has come to accept the fact that he is nothing more than a comic book character. He then reveals that he has studied comic books so much that he has learned the truth of their existence; they serve nothing more as props to earn money for the corporations they work for (DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc.)

    Darkseid then reveals that while studying their lives as comic books, he has finally found The Anti-Life Equation, the reboot. The idea that decades of their lives, existence & stories can be simply be washed away at the brush of a hand, only to live through it all over again, but from new perspectives. Darkseid then tells Goblin that for some reason, everyone in the Marvel/DC crossover universe has retained their exact personality from the comics, except Goblin.

    Darkseid then takes their loved ones, Rorschach & Harley Quinn hostage, telling Goblin & Deadpool that they must help him in his master plan; to reboot every single comics universe so that all superheroes are so inexperienced, that Darkseid can easily conquer all of their worlds.

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    I really hope the wait isn't as long this time as before. Hopefully RandomGuy's personal life will allow him the time he needs to finish instead and not get in his way. He really is a remarkable talent on YouTube, and it still amazes that can he can pull off some compelling drama as well as stupendous humor with something as simple as TOYS!

    My guess is we'll be getting Batman vs The Avengers soon (can't wait for that either), with hopefully Zero Hour #7 coming in the Fall. Since most of this year's Summer movies are the superhero films, I hope he puts the movie parodies on the shelf this time. I'm a little concerned that those will become stagnant and cause people to be burned out with him if he decides to do too many of them.
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    Well, I was right! Here's The Avengers and Batman:

    Poor Spidey getting neglected. Don't worry Peter, I'm pretty sure you're next.
    More harm has been done by people panicked over societal decline than societal decline ever did.

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