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    Yeah, as much as I loved World's Collide, and still think it's one of the best and most enjoyable event comic to come out in the last several years, it still feels a little too soon to be having another crossover that'll interuppt the main boks. Especially when Mega Man is just getting into the Mega Man 3 adaption and Sonic's books are slowly inching into an Unleashed adaption while exploring the post-reboot world. Having that be interupted by an event, though I think MM3 will be finished by then, just feels too... Marvel to me .

    I mean, I have every confidence in the creators at Archie, especially Ian Flynn, far more than I do anybody at Marvel, but as it stands I think we could've waited a little longer to launch this event. It seems more like a grab for more money after the success of World's Collide, which from a business standpoint would make sense at least.

    All that said... it'll probably still be a very enjoyable event, and it seems like it'll be building off the first so that'll be interesting to see. I'm happy to see Mega Man and Sonic coming together again, and I'm sure Ian won't retread any of the ground he covered in World's Collide and do even better this time around after writing the first act. It would also be cool to see the comics cast get more focus this time around .

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    Well, now they got about four comics to work with, hopefully this crossover is just going to be two months worth. It does seem a bit soon for something like this to happen.
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    Uh I don't think that's going to help Gatomon41. Remember the Sonic Boom comics take place in an entirely different continuity then the main Sonic Comics. Just like how the Sonic X comics took place in an entirely different dimension. So I really even doubt we're going to see the Sonic Boom characters involved (since that'd be like TWO set of Sonic characters running around then) so it will still be likely the three books. Plus if they're serious about this being "bigger" then it will probably be bigger then even the 12 issues we got before.
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