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    TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - "The Dream" - [6/26]

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    Episode 59

    The Dream
    TONIGHT at 7:30 PM
    FRIDAY at 9:30 AM

    This week...
    Gumball becomes jealous when he dreams about Darwin kissing Penny.

    Another jealousy episode? I would have figured one would be enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Huntsman View Post
    Another jealousy episode? I would have figured one would be enough.
    I know, right?!

    Another episode where Gumball is naked? Geez, if this keeps up, we'll be seeing him naked as an adult. (This happened to one of Cartoon Network's famous child stars before)

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    I actually liked this one

    loved Anise's failure to analyze Gumball's dream

    and there indeed are dreams that can make you almost hate a person

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    I managed to see it at 9:30 this morning...It was an okay-if-slightly-unoriginal episode (The Flower explored the jealousy issue) but it kind bothered me how Gumball wound up taking his frustrations out Penny as well. :/ Oh well, but I did like the dreaming sequences, and the ending...poor Darwin. I think it helps that I've always liked "dreaming" plots.
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    This was a good episode, though Gumball's extreme jerkiness over something Darwin didn't actually do got on my nerves.

    My favorite parts were Anais derping out trying to explain Gumball's dreams and the dream sequences themselves. When I first saw the commercial for this episode, I couldn't stop laughing at centaur-Richard. I saw that commercial several more times this week and I still smiled when it happened in the episode proper.

    I have a soft spot for dream sequences. They're a good reason to have crazy, nonsensical things happen because real dreams are just like that. I know mine are.

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    Yeah what the heck is with Gumball lately? The past two weeks he's taken the term jerk to a whole new level. I could do without this weird character change.

    Other than that, I enjoyed it. Gumball is a show that can always make me laugh with its humor.

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    From what I've seen, Gumball's personality is always slightly altered to fit the plot, he can be a complete jerk, or a complete idiot depending on how they want to move the story along.
    Regardless, this show did have some nice gags, I concur with TitanicForce, in that this show as a whole is consistently funny.

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    Is it just me or Gumball has filled with negative attitudes in order to make a plot? I have a feeling that it might be downfall due to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomced859 View Post
    Is it just me or Gumball has filled with negative attitudes in order to make a plot? I have a feeling that it might be downfall due to this.
    That is kind of one negative in this show; the characters' personalities kind of flip flop around in each episode, in order to fit the plot. For example, in "The Hero", Nicole turned from a [mostly] doting mother into a tyrannical jerk due to Gumball and Darwin insulting Richard, not letting them eat or bathe; however, she had said many of the same things they had said about Richard many times before. Then there's "The Genius", where they dumbed Gumball down to the point where he doesn't even know how to use a computer, despite using one in other episodes, both before and after.

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