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    Quote Originally Posted by Moleoman View Post
    The earliest complete Cartoon Network/TNT UK/Pan-Euro schedule from years 1993-1995 on Dagbladid Visir I could get from
    Friday, 26th November 1993
    05:00 The Morning Crew
    08:00 Richie Rich
    08:30 Heathcliff
    09:00 Kwicky Koala
    09:30 Paw Paws
    10:00 Pound Puppies
    10:30 Shirt Tales
    11:00 World Famous Toons
    12:00 Josie and the Pussycats
    12:30 The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
    13:00 The Great International Toon-In
    19:00 The Great International Toon-In (Yes, that's what was written!)
    23:00 The Ice Pirates
    00:45 Maya
    02:30 Drums of Africa

    Source: Dagbla­i­ VÝsir - DV, 26.11.1981 - (It's on daily's 25th November's 1993 Dagskra)
    What was "The Greati International Toon-In" and WHY did it get past TNT territory until at least 23:00?

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    Thanks for all the CN UK old schedules and especially for including TNT/TCM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomMe View Post
    What was "The Greati International Toon-In" and WHY did it get past TNT territory until at least 23:00?
    From :
    Around the world Turner channels -- In Europe TNT and The Cartoon Network -- will feature 10 hours of cartoon programming with The Great International Toon-In on 26 November. At the same time there will be a worldwide premiere of Moxy, a new generation of cartoon character that relies on computers, graphics and the capturing of human motions for its programming. Telecasts will be made around the world by satellite on this day.
    Basically it was a 10-hour (on CN/TNT Europe it was 10-hour marathon, in CN USA it aired for 14 hours) cartoon marathon which was sponsored by Hasbro: THE MEDIA BUSINESS - ADVERTISING -- ADDENDA - Hasbro to Sponsor A Cartoon Marathon -

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