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    This along with other spoofs of ads have aired during the Big Games.

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    ^The Big Games! I loved those!

    That's really something that I'd love for them to bring back, but it seems that networks like the stability of new series instead of one-off (or annual) specials, which were more common in the '90s. CN was great at taking nothing but a few bumpers and creating a big event out of nothing.

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    Ahhh... probably CN's hottest year.

    Watching the channel back in these days was equivalent to watching the Attitude Era of the WWF and though I didn't watch wrestling back then, I watched plenty of cartoons. The Big Pick Weekend continues to be the highlight of 2000 for me and I remember it fondly (can't remember actually watching it, but the anticipation of the build up and promos was a spectacle in itself). And what do you know, I forgot all about the election that year as well as the promos for them! I agree with whoever said CN could make something fun out of nothing, and the election bumpers were extremely fun.

    If there's any year CN needs to replicate, it's 2000. They need to reinvigorate this flavor and 2012 is the perfect year to do so.

    EDIT: 2005 would also be a good year to take notes from. Three words: BEST. SUMMER. EVER.
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