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    We're The Good Bad Girls Trapped By Love

    Like This Thread!

    Did you know you can download The Hex Girls music for FREE from the Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated Sound Cloud page?

    Here's "We're The Good, Bad Girls".

    "Trap Of Love"

    Rude Boy & The Ska-Tastics "Yer Dead Right, Mate".

    "Yer Dead Right We're The Good, Bad Girls" Music Mash Up.

    The SD:MI page has other Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated songs and background music too.

    The Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated Official Tumblr has all the same music PLUS a music mash up of the original and updated versions of "Hex Girl" and "Earth, Wind, Fire, & Air". Though both of those are unavailable for download. No "Who Do Voodoo?" either.

    I posted too soon! 24 hours later all 3 songs are available to download!!!! That's right a clearer (though not clear) version of "Who Do Voodoo?" now exists so you can now hear the lyrics. Why WB felt the need to obscure it during "Legend Of The Vampire" is the REAL mystery.

    "Earth, Wind, Fire, & Air" music mash up

    "Hex Girl" music mash up

    "Who Do Voodoo?"

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    could work if well written

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    Yes, the Hex Girls should have their own show.

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