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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatordragon View Post
    You know, I think the premise of MallNation is interesting material for a video game. I can see it being used for a point-and-click game (like The Walking Dead and Sam and Max), an action-adventure game (like Bully and Psychonauts), or a survival game (like Don't Starve). If the minds behind MallNation can't get it made into a show, maybe they could turn it into a video game.
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    I get it, Gold Starz. The premise of MallNation reminds you of DanganRopa. You already said that before on page 3 of this thread. I'm just suggesting different video game genres that the premise could work in. Visual novel never crossed my mind because I never played one.

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    That actually sounded kind of cool. In all honestly it sounds like a cool idea for a book.
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    The art we were shown was from the /unfinished/ storyboards. Art styles are allowed to evolve over the course of production.

    Anyways, if we do see this 4 years down the line (however long or short), then I'd be happy. Kinda reminds me of the episode of Dexter's Lab where he explored into the far, forgotten sections of his lab. Except based on that map, the school's setting won't be constantly in flux? (i.e. The Himalayas made out of ice cream from an ice cream shop won't just appear out of nowhere one episode.)

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