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    Uh, weren't they under a spell or something? Judging by how they changed and thanked him for turning them normal again... you know... before he exploded them.

    I actually think it was the best part of the episode, I guess because it stood out.

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    Happily surprised that the Adventure Time crew made (what is essentially) a Fionna and Cake "filler" episode. It was aware of itself, and took a fun look at LSP's vanity without distorting the fun world Fionna and Cake live in. The moment where Fionna cruely says "I don't care" and LSP immediately asks Ice King to speak the line nicer was a winning moment for me. Gotta love bad fanfic parodies... and getting another taste of the Fionna and Cake characters. I wish the AT crew were able to write more Fionna and Cake stuff, because Roz Ryan, Madeleine Martin, and the voice cast in general are just so good. In a way, that would spoil how sweet it feels to get a new Fionna and Cake episode. They're so few and far between that they feel special.

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