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    Quote Originally Posted by Monte View Post
    I kinda of like the idea of Finn's dad being a jerk; provides some conflict for him. Also if he was a big hero that might just make him feel like Billy 2.0
    Another note i thought was interesting was how he was looking for a "star skipper". Sounds like humanity might have left earth for the stars
    There is a theory that Adventure Time might take place in the same universe as Bravest Warriors

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    The opener was great, I thought that The Lich being turned into a baby was pretty funny and Finn's dad.............well, not what I expected in terms of personality. I hope Season 6 is much better than Season 5, the latter of which was a mixed bag IMO.
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    I haven't really watched the show in a long time, but watched this season premiere. I was kind of lost on various story points, but all in all I enjoyed it despite the pretty random things that happened here. Pretty good episode which I'm guessing will have a few effects on future episodes. I'll probably watch it more regularly from now on, and also try to catch up on what I missed - seems like a pretty good story.
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    It certainly was an unexpected bunch of epic moments. Can't wait to see how each of those events effect future episodes.
    Anyone else get the feeling that Finn's Leaf-sword/claw is now stuck trying to get back to him from where ever that Void Master took Martin and the rest of Convicts? It was very persistent back when Finn bought it.
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    Did people really want Martin to just be another hero and good person to mentor Finn? We already got Joshua and Billy. I'm actually glad they went this direction with Finn's dad.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaneMan View Post
    I really enjoyed this two-parter

    There's a little plot-hole here tho
    In the season 5 finale, it was said that Jake was in denial about Billy's death
    Here we however see that Jake regularly saw the Lich wearing Billy over at Prismo's
    It's not that unbelivable that Jake would just ignore the fact that the Lich was wearing Billy still and tell himself that Billy was alive somewhere.

    It's been a while since I enjoyed an AT episode so much, but these 2 knocked it out of the park. Especially if you knew the episodes that specifically lead up to this.

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    It's great that this show can still surprise you in epic ways.

    Prismo... dang... The Lich... wow wut... Finn finds his dad. His dad is whatever about it. Finn loses his arm. lol Emotional scenes with Finn, awesome scenes with the grass sword morphing...

    And that ending. lol

    I look forward to the follow-ups for this.

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