Again, I probably won't follow this show all the way, but I definitely enjoyed these two episodes more than the pilot. This is clearly a show that's pure slice of life, which I think works to the setup's benefit because it's amazing how well characters as diverse as these can pull off entire stories. I know I expressed concerns about this during the pilot, but that's probably we really didn't get to see them fleshed out enough then. I still think the designs can get a little too weird at times, but the technicals as a whole have certainly improved from the pilot, which I really like.

As for the episodes themselves...

Fun Dungeon Face-Off - Decent start to the three main characters. Clarence's trickster side might get annoying if the writers don't know how to handle him (which could really hurt any character in this particular show quite significantly), but here it wasn't that bad at all. Jeff is easily my favorite of the three, just for being the straight man but still having memorable traits of his own. Plus, I really like this design; don't really know why, maybe it's the square head.

Pretty Great Day With a Girl - I easily prefer this one. Clarence was a lot more charming and innocent (the scene with him saying hi to everyone on Amy's bike just puts a smile on my face) and there was overall a pretty nice mood throughout.

This was a pretty decent start, I have to say. Who knows where it's going to go from here on out.